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My sister and I
10 Janet 4
Holiday songs
37 Janet 4
Mother & Daughter Duets
Me and my mom *Barbie* and our duets...... Please enjoy.....
My Contest Songs
songs i've sung for contests...or in the works for contests
19 celticchick07
From the singers of the SUPER ELVIS PRESLEY CONTEST by So...
130 ElVezlady 46
These are all the duets I have available and need complet...
11 hotlilpepper 2
Lucrecia's Playlist
Lucrecia's First Playlist "Eclectic" Thanks fo...
10 Zorvarious 3
My Favorite SingSnap Singers
Exactly what I said - my favorite SingSnap members at lar...
112 ImTheDaveman 48
Great Spanish Songs
<font size="2" face="Monotype Corsiva&q...
14 ma_elena 49
Tahoestarr and Justcuz Duets!
Me and my Sis!
13 Tahoestarr 16
Wanta Hear Me
Please have a listen. It's just me singing some songs I ...
43 Sandysongbird
~Boo's Favorite SingSnappers!
Songs By Some Of My Favorite Sing Snappers :) Such As, R...
my recored
all my songs
11 judygirl +13
all my recording
all my songs
11 judygirl +13
all my recording
all my songs.
72 judygirl +13
all my recording
paper roses
61 judygirl +13
cold cold heart
my songs
10 judygirl +13
paper roses
paper roses
10 judygirl +13
near you
my recording
10 judygirl +13
near you
myfriend with a duet
11 judygirl +13
more of my favorites.
hope you enjoy....i love to relaxes me and mak...
10 jarcher48 25
kiki's Best
some of my most favorite recordings
87 kiki 26
Best of Elvis
The greatest singers of Elvis Presley
13 soundchris 93
Sing My Favorites Round Three
entries for my "Sing My Favorites" contest.
62 celticchick07
my songs
just having fun
24 sexynana41 13
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