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Vivan New
10 BostonKaraokeMan 38
Virtual_emotion p-2
my songs
23 virtual_emotion
Virtual_emotion p-1
my first playlist
14 virtual_emotion
Vintage Oldies and Rock and Roll
These are more songs I grew up listening to. From classi...
58 TDC 103
Vinnies Solid Tin
A blend of songs and prayers
23 Vincom 43
songs with videos lol!
36 pinkkkk 93
video stuff
Songs with skip, dennis and others on video
50 mainelystac 50
My Video sings
15 Scott512 25
Victors True Favorites
All of my real favorites
82 mighty_cujo65 3
very special
beautiful song, done beautifully
23 nikkistoyy
very good songs
songs i like
54 jeffisking 26
various songs
contry to rock to bluegrass to gospel
45 kenny101 61
Various Other Great Sings
Other sings that I like from various genre.
21 JimBaker 45
these are some of my favourite songs which i love to sing...
23 deborah74 25
ValerieCaylor's Songs
Just songs I've recorded. Hope you enjoy listening as mu...
43 ValerieC 25
Fave songs of Urbie :)
35 BABYBLUE69 98
updated prospector1
update on prospector1
46 SingingSammie 62
Music to unpack by...I'm still forever unpacking..I have ...
74 mmparker3 44
unchinded melondy
dora's stuff
These are truly great singers I have come across on SS>
157 Twosees 39
Twisted-Straight and Sliced-Right
This is a Playlist of the various re-writes from Deelyght...
44 Aladar 51
if you came back from heven
21 tweety 14
TV Thing Round 10
Teddypossum's TV Thing featuring Pocketcage, Round 10, &q...
23 KillerSnark 55
46 Kmonster 4
cool songs by cool cats
25 daddiotenor 35