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Week7-Rudolph or Frosty
Rudolph or Frosty
42 VitaminDee 101
Week6-Let It Snow or Believe ( Polar Express)
Week five
44 VitaminDee 101
Week5-nuttin, hippo, front teeth
Do you want Nuttin for Christmas, a Hippo or Two Front Te...
32 VitaminDee 101
Week4-SantaBaby ,Cold Outside, Blue Xmas
It's Cold Outside/Santa Baby/Blue Christmas
67 VitaminDee 101
Week3-SilverBells or SilentNight
Two choices this week, which one will you choose?
53 VitaminDee 101
Week2- Santa Claus is coming to Town
Starting August 14 -November 27th, I am putting together...
46 VitaminDee 101
Week15- Thankful Snappers
Sing about it, Talk about it, Write about it
48 VitaminDee 101
48 VitaminDee 101
Week13- O Holy Night or Home For The Holidays
week 13
50 VitaminDee 101
Week12-Jingle Bells or Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bells or Jingle Bell Rock
48 VitaminDee 101
Week11-Singer's Choice
This week sing your favorite Christmas/Holiday song
68 VitaminDee 101
Week10-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa/12 Days Xmas
weeek 10
37 VitaminDee 101
Week1-Rockin' Around The Chirstmas Tree
Starting August 14 -November 27th, I am putting together...
56 VitaminDee 101
Webb Pierce -4
review and choose best cuts to burn -4 Back Street Affai...
18 maggie716 46
Wear your suit challenge playlist
Wear your suit challenge playlist!
221 SingSnap_Events 68
We Shall Overcome
Various members, on MLK Day
13 pbird
WC SS Songwriters Competition
17 Greeneyedkat
Waylon Jennings
Waylon Jennings songs
Waterbird Concert at The Playhouse
Songs sung at my Concert ... LOL :)
10 Waterbird 102
Waterbird and Nightsongs Duets
Waterbird and Nightsongs Duets
19 Waterbird 102
Wasted days and wasted nights
11 Jackie1960 57
warm up songs
13 cwang50 65
my rec
20 Hailstork 25
Wanda Jackson -3
review/choose/burn -3 In The Middle Of A Heartache Right...
16 maggie716 46
Walking in Jesus Footsteps
ss gospel group challenge 1/15 - 1/31 2016
292 kimsullivan7 95