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Yoshmite is located in Washington / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 4, 2008. He has a total of 319 public recordings that have been viewed 52,234 times and 283 achievement points.

Information Written by Yoshmite 50

My real name is Thomas

My Songs that made it to "Peoples choice:

If I know me

Everything that glitters

One of my favorite songs: Do you believe in love.

For non members or guests; to listen to more of my songs, simply click on the drop down tab beside my name at the top of the page Yoshmite, then click on Recordings then any year to listen to what I recorded during that particular year. I didn't record any songs in 2014-2017 but I did 2009-2013. You might stumble on a few video's and maybe a few that might make you laugh. WARNING!!!! I sing a lot of my songs from my heart, in hopes of touching your heart, or to make you smile if only for a second..I THANK you so much for listening to my songs....I am not a professional singer by no means. I am just an everyday Joe who works a regular job and music is my drug....I come from a family of 9 brothers and 7 sisters and music has always been in my life, and I have always loved to sing...So I hope you enjoy your visit and please do stop by again...I miss you already....