Wishing you all a very safe thanksgiving jimmy & sissy r/b27a8ec79

yippy_ia_65 is located in Arkansas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 5, 2007. Currently, he has a total of 28 public recordings which have been viewed 213 times.

I don't mind copy and paste comments on my pages, but PLEASE at least click on everyones recording for a few seconds or read the recording info before leaving a pasted message on a persons page because many times they aren't just a happy song.
This hasn't happened to any of my pages that I recall but. I have seen on many peoples pages where they are asking for prayers for illnesses, life and death situations, a death or tragedy in their family and many other unfortunate circumstances, and there are copy and pasted messages there from people saying how they enjoyed listening and how it sounded wonderful, and they loved what they heard.
Those comments although innocently given can sound hurtful, disrespectful and also make you look kinda foolish, so please at least see what a persons page is about before leaving your typical jolly comments on them; even if you don't take the time to listen all the way through at least you will have an idea what you are commenting on.
Thank You!
P.S. If you see our SS user names on your page with a comment after them we have listened to what you have said or sung
if your gonna view a song why not at least leave a small comment so we know you was there unless you just want to hide and spy oh well if thats your game fine.