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Yesrod1972's real name is Rick Dorsey. Rick is 46 years old, is located in Louisiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 13, 2016. He has a total of 1,814 public recordings that have been viewed 29,200 times and 690 achievement points.

Hello all my dear sweet friends, even the ones I haven't met yet!

As the chorus of an old Helen Reddy tune goes.........

" Keep on singin', don't stop singin'!
  You're gonna be a star someday!
    You're gonna make a lot of people happy,
      when they come to hear you play!"


Hi, my name is Rick and come from the great deep south all the way down in Louisiana. It amazes me how many Louisianans we have here on SingSnap. It is a small small world! I am also frequenting the singing chatroom here on SingSnap. It is a blast and if you have not been by, do stop by for a visit and check it out.

I often duet and welcome ANYONE AND EVERYONE to join in on with me! I don't care how good you are, or how bad you are! I only have one requirement and that is you must have fun doing it! If you are willing to sing and post it, then I am willing to listen and love it! When I say anyone I mean just that. If you men so get the notion and want to do the female part, bring it! I have no rules whatsoever on genders with songs. They are just songs and words and meant to be sung! I do not have many duets open as of now but I plan to be making some soon.

  I am here to have fun and sing when I can. It is such a stress relief just to let loose and belt something out. Also this is some of the best therapy for bringing one out of their shell so-to-speak. I grew up forcing myself into the background because it was always safer there and less chance for ridicule and scrutiny. this is what happens when your gay, raised in a small southern hick town, in the 70's. I am not the greatest by no means but I do have fun trying. Karaoke on any level has bee amazing for me in allowing Rick to actually be seen and heard. I am truly enjoying myself here in SS and am rather flabbergasted at all the positive commenting and encouragement by all the SS family. We don't normally see such out in the real world! We all seem to understand that unspoken rule of "If you aint' got something good to say , then keep thy pie-hole shut" and that is truly awesome. It has been and very much is such a warm welcoming experience indeed!

  I will just about sing any genre out there. Sometimes even I am amazed as to what I will sing. I do tend to gravitate to the older style of music what we know call classics. As a friend once told me, I may have been born in 1972 but my musical taste tend to reflect having graduated high school in 1972. I was definitely born one generation too late!

  I am not afraid of doing a gender-bender, in fact I have done several. I do tend to keep the original song intact and don't worry about the she's to he's and the girls to boys and all that jazz. So in the end, I suppose it really isn't a bender after all if it ain't being bent! I know who I am and what I am so I don't need to make it clear in my songs that I am a male. LOL I just sing it as if I were singing it in the car! Sometimes it matches who I am , and sometimes it is all completely wrong. If I am singing a gender-bender and it comes out that I am singing to or for a man, then it probably is matching pretty darn close! LMAO They are after all just words set to music!

  I was happily married this past July 2015 to my partner of 19 years! This July 2016 will be our 20th and first official legal anniversary! May we ALL find peace and happiness and that special someone on this short ride we call life!

  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to listen! I love all of your comments and do try to respond back by loving all my comments as they are left and responding to some here and there. If I responded back to every comment I would never have time to sing. Know that your comment is most graciously appreciated!