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wysiwyg is 49 years old, is located in Indiana / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 13, 2007. She has a total of 96 public recordings that have been viewed 10,719 times and 20 achievement points.

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About ME - What You See Is What You Get

I don't put on airs or play games. I'm who and what I am and this is just how it is.

I spend my time either working or playing and since both are on the computer I think I live on the pc. I love anything and everthing about a computer. I love tech not just computers and recently told by my daughter to stop trying to sound like someone from her generation. LOL I wasn't I was sounding like a hip in the know 40 year old after all tech isn't only for the young.

I have 2 children Dorothy & Dagon who are a joy to me most of the time. Dorothy is now grown and thinks her mom is either her biggest embarassment or her best friend, course that depends on what I'm doing. 20 somethings think their parents have no life and no nothing and I LOVE to prove her wrong. I have dueted with both of my kids and they love to mess me up when I'm singing. You'll have to search my songs for those though and believe me it is worth it.

I also am in a long term commited relationship with a wonderful man that I've met online. Yes online relationships can be successful if both parties are true to themselves and each other. Its really true what they say that if you stop looking he will come into your life. I really didn't want a relationship when I met him but things just happened. It's nice to have someone finally who is mine and I'm enjoying exploring what our lives will hold in the future.

I like to sing and sometime I sing live in Paltalk. It was there that I rediscovered my love of singing and here that I truely developed my addiction for karaoke. If you want to look me up my NIC in Pal is Keeper0fmyHEART.