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I grew up with music bluegrass,gospel,country some I didn't appreciate as much as I do now. Use to sit for hours listening to my Dad pick the guitar and my Mother would sing along with him ,he could have been a famous player and singer but choose his family first he still plays at the young age of 73 I am his number one fan . We went to alot of music conventions and he had quite a few bands together.I remember starting school and telling all the kids that my Dad was Sonny James (thats what his guitar strap had on it) and he went by that name in the bands he was in . But the teacher didnt think it was funny smilesss It was true in my eyes though he was a famous singer and his name was Sonny(James ) he liked the story though(Sonny James was a famous singer if some dont know this)smilesss I am here because I love music and it brings so much joy listening to the people here and fun to sing We all have special songs that bring back great memories or sad ones its all apart of us . Thanks everyone for your nice comments on my pages truly appreciate it to me its not about perfection its about having fun smilesss I hope to add more things to this page when I learn how .lol

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