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WilliamL1949 is 71 years old, is located in New Zealand and has been a SingSnap member since June 9, 2018. He has a total of 143 public recordings that have been viewed 1,945 times and 241 achievement points.

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Hello to all,,,,
Here in beautiful New Zealand,we sit back and watch the rest of the world wrestle with its self-inflicted traumas,dramas and fairytale life we have made. It hurts sometimes,but we get up every morning and try to make each day a little better.We are after all,,,Human.
I was born in New Jersey,,,grew up in the then enchanted desert of Southern California.
Family was musical,,aunts and uncles,a few friends,,getting together for a night of music and laughter,,,formed the basis of my love of music,,,From Chet Atkins all the way to Puddle Of Mud,,,I like it all...I will add that I prefer seeing the videos,,especially those I duet with,,,I t becomes a special little spark we can share the passion of music with,,,Music,and friendship,after all is what were here for.
SS is a great platform to relive,experiment,dream a little,and meet new people.
So,,,On with the show!!