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WhiskeyLady's real name is Shawna Mae Sue Holder. Shawna Mae Sue is located in Oregon / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 8, 2012. She has a total of 98 public recordings that have been viewed 3,585 times and 204 achievement points.

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I was known as Whiskey here and then a good friend (SingnJase) started calling me Whiskey Lady. I found it charming and whimsical so I adopted it as my new moniker.

I am still married to my bestest "RagingRiver" and have been since 1986. The kids are all grown (my 5 and his 2) and now we have 7 grandkids between us. We also own a beautiful tortie kitty named GiGi, and wonderful black beauty kitty named Bynx.

We live on the Oregon Coast in Lincoln City, less than 3 blocks from the Pacific and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else on earth. We are blessed to be lulled to sleep nightly by the surf and awakened daily by seabirds

My hubs and I both love to sing...neither of us are very good at it but since we aren't lookin' to make it a living I guess we don't need to be. We have met some of the coolest people here online and in real time. We have attended SS parties yearly since 2008 and have met awesome people and had some tremendous fun. The Oregon SS party is truly the best time you can have with a microphone! If you ever get a chance to attend one, go and have the time of your life!

I have been a member of SS since 2007 but this is a new name (sorta) so I guess I get a do-over LOL! I am not going to sing on this account until I can go gold with it. That will be when my last one expires in March 2012. At that time I sure hope you will come and listen and comment (constructively of course) and just have a good time with me. My genres pretty much range from Country, easy listening, to Rock, and even some really old-school rap. No opera and no Latin (can't get my tongue to form the words LOL) Well, it's official!! I'm gold now. Please come and have a listen. I always give a listen back if you have recordings.