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wee_sprout is located in New York / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 29, 2007. She has a total of 290 public recordings that have been viewed 4,264 times and 455 achievement points.

Just a wee bit about myself.
To begin, my name is Cecelia.
I was given my SS name way before SS existed. I don't think 5'1 is a wee

I grew up on country music. Actually it was the only genre played on the radio, LP's or listening to my older brother, (whom is known as jayare67 here on SS.) singing as a young 'un. Farm life was the best. I'm number 6 out of 10 siblings

I do like a lot of the oldies. The Bee Gees are a favorite plus others. But not so much any genre in the music of today. It has changed to much for my liking.

I enjoy listening to others on SS. I listen to what's coming from their heart. I listen to songs from start to finish and always leave a comment. However if my kindness is not reciprocated I will not likely visit your studio again. I wasn't gifted with an angelic voice but I sing from my heart. If you're looking for a professional singing voice, then my studio isn't for you.

I know how precious life is even more since I came way to close last September to losing it. Enjoy each given day and be kind to each other.

I met my hubby here on SS back in 2007. We've been married going on 13 years. We're both looking forward to the day he comes home. A few know our story and share our moments with us. And will rejoice with us when that day arrives.

God Bless and Smile