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Wagon_master's real name is Randy Libby. Randy is 56 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since August 7, 2008. He has a total of 93 public recordings that have been viewed 4,751 times and 5 achievement points.

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Traveling in a Covered Wagon, circling the U.S. promoting Community-Unity, American made products, Musicians, Artist, and Craftspeople alike. Re-Introducing good old American know how.

We are looking for Local Talent in the Towns and out laying City's that we are going through, those who come out and join us and or winners of future Contest will be Recorded and become a part of 1 or both shows that we will be tapeing along the way...

When I was a Teenager I sang as a bass in High school, I had once made Allstate, all New England top 10 Bass on the East Coast at 16.

I had a strong Love of Music, but one day I woke up and walked away from it for over 29 years, wow just figured that out.....LOL..

Singing couldn't give me the Adventures that I was seeking, at least not at that time. To travel the world a couple of times, and learn different cultures and beliefs, to learn that many of us have so much in Common and yet, so little love we have for each other.

I am hoping while I am showing you Company's in America to help build our economy back to where it should be, and the Opportunity for new Business to let us help them get to the public eye, and to show you who your neighbors are along the way on our trip.

As for the Music, My Love Marilee for the last 7 years has been trying to get me to sing, the only time she hears it is when I am in the Kitchen cooking...lol.. And then there is my Mother, a 65 y/o women who thinks she is 26, (LOL) is into Karaoke when I came to Maine. She had asked me to go, and I wasn't comfortable with it.

Well she left her machine out and her collection of Cd's and one day when nobody was home, I picked up the Mic and one year Later here we are. Me singing in public, traveling in my wagon. Lets admit something here, at 2 mph I need to have something to do....LOL

So my friends I have been on here for a short time, and I love the people here, We don't have to sing like someone else, be who we are, and have fun while doing it. If you hear of us coming through your town or State and you would like to come out for a horse ride and sing with us, we would be honored.

Buy American, Sell American help keep your neighbors working. God Bless, Happy Trails, and keep on SINGING...If you want to join us, just go to my web page below.