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Voice_Guru's real name is Bret Allan. Bret is located in Minnesota / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 22, 2012. He has a total of 349 public recordings that have been viewed 36,248 times and 365 achievement points.

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I am both an ONLINE (cover) AND ON AIR Original Recording Artist. I enjoy the REALNESS of a live performance. To me, this is as real as it gets friends! no fancy studio tricks, pitch correction and all that fancy stuff they use to make songs you hear on the radio. Nope! this is RAW and it is REAL friends! so welcome to it. As a professional entertainer I have no fear of laying it on the line, because fact is, I am human, and to error IS human, so don't expect sheer perfection in any of my recordings as they are live. I don't claim to be the world's greatest singer but do consider myself to be one of the most diverse. I do more than just sing. I use my voice in a multitude of ways! always trying different things. Singsnap here..........is a marvelous tool and I have turned MANY people on to it and IN TURN, have helped many people out there become better singers. This is my laboratory! the place where I can come and just let loose and sing any song I want, whenever I want! how cool is that? So yeah, I love singsnap! and do consider it to be my greatest internet discovery to date. I have many songs here. All mostly 1 takes with a double/Harmony track, so for what they are, I feel they are worthy of sharing with people anywhere in the world and so I do. Very few of my recordings are set to member only, most are public. I love the realness of what singsnap is. 100% real vocals! No auto tune fake Bullshit. So case and point friends, welcome to my Singsnap site here! I am sure there will be a few tunes you might recognize and like so page thru some songs! some YEARS! and see what you can find. Again! I don't claim to be the worlds greatest singer, I am just having fun with this online Karaoke. If I sing a little "Off" here and there, I don't give a damn because I ain't claiming to be perfect. But damn is this a lot of fun! eeeehaaaaaaa!

I have a few OLD originals you can hear by visiting:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like what I do! "Peace and love indeed"

Sincerely, Bret Allan. The Voice Guru.