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Firstly, I want to start out by saying please feel free to comment...I really appreciate it when you take the time, not only to listen...but to care enough to comment. In my mind it also shows CLASS!!!!!So please do not shy away from that...Music and singing is my discipline...I put a lot of feeling and emotion in my singing...I do take it very seriously... I love the stage, I will sing at Weddings, Parties, Concerts, anything to get my voice heard xx Just ask!!! Thank you SS for all your amazing support for my talent...It is my form of self-expression and a stress relief as well...I really try to get into my part...I feel the music... Now, a bit about me...ALL I LIVE FOR IS SINGING!!!! I JUST LOVE TO SING, SING, SING!!!! I have been singing since I was approx. 3 yrs. old. Just had to change some of this here...SSnappers have been wonderful to me!!! So many heart-felt and kind-hearted comments!!! I really appreciate all of them xx Many Thank you's for so many amazing people here that I have been allowed to meet...A great time is had by all...I am searching for a "break" either with a Talent Scout or an agent (Music Agent) I really would appreciate any advice or help in this area...I have no "connections" but hear that you really need them...any clues or hints are extra special to me...I really would LOVE to make a CD full of all the songs I love to sing on here...Now, a little bit about me and my background... I have been in the Chorus/Choirs all my life just about!!!! Drama/Theatre in school and college. I am a Soprano, but also work in the Alto section...I am un-trained, and have had NO formal training. I am an un-touched natural singer, a rare find I suppose. I do practice a lot and have to enjoy what I perform...I tend to belt it out...LOL. I sing mostly Oprea, Classical, Holiday,Celtic songs...they fit my voice it seems the best...One of my favourite songs to perform is from The is called "Walking In The Air." A beautiful song indeed!!!My favourite singers are ANDY BELL of Erasure, Karen Carpenter, and Andrea McArdle, and of course Joseph McManners who is brilliant and has the most beautiful voice in the world!!!!!!! I sing all the time it seems, love music, most styles, and spin vinyl most of the time, but also love CD'S....I am dreaming of making my own CD someday, filled with Broadway/Showtunes/Ballads~~~~~~Would love a Producer of Music to hear me, perhaps even a record contract!!! LOL, now I am dreaming!!!!I welcome anyone to join me in a duet!!! I love that!!!!I also sing under shesings4free... Peace my friends...YOU KIDS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for listening, Victoriankat