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Stuck in a motel room since my electricity is out... I hate ice storms :(

VGFan4Life is located in Oklahoma / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 4, 2008. She has a total of 288 public recordings that have been viewed 14,357 times and 590 achievement points.

Hey everyone! I will keep this short 'n sweet!

My name is Amber, but many of my friends call me ARM-ber, Ber, or BerD-- all old nicknames from my Rascal Flatt days!! Many call me Ambs around here. I do have a few other nicknames, but you'll have to ask me for those.

I'm currently a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma. It keeps me way busy so I'm not around here much these days. I also work full time. Even though I attend OU, I'm actually a huge Oklahoma State football fan!! I love my Pokes & consider myself a Pokes fan by heart!!! #StillwaterStrong #PokesFan4Life

In fact, my second favorite season behind spring is football season!! lol

If you want to know more, just ask!