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My long weekend spoiled me! Is it Friday yet?! lol :P

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Hey everyone! So I felt like it was time to update this thing finally!!

My name is Amber, but many of my friends call me ARM-ber, Ber, or BerD-- all old nicknames from my Rascal Flatt days!! haha yeah, there are some crazy stories from those days that I miss! I met some of my best friends chasing Rascal Flatts around! HA!!! This is an old pic of us from WAY back in the day!! And yes, I'm the shorty of the group-- the youngest & shortest-- that's me! ha, but this was from eons ago!! I miss those days!

Besides singing karaoke, I like watching college football, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, playing with my dog, writing, reading, shooting pool, & bowling. I try to make time for SS as often as I can though! I'm sure most everyone can tell I'm on here A LOT!! I must admit, SS is an addiction for me! lol

Some random things about me!! I love the Big Bang Theory! It is definitely my all time favorite TV show at the moment! I like American Idol, although I don't watch it every season. I love to go walking when I can, especially during the spring which is my favorite time of the year! I'm a huge Vince Gill fan, but I like most country artists at least a little. However, I'm not too big into the "new" country that's out these days. I'm more into the old school country so I sing a lot of older songs. I listen to a mixture of types of music though-- from country to pop to rock to gospel!

I recently started graduate school at the University of Oklahoma so that's keeping me very busy! I hope to graduate with my master's degree by the end of 2017 which seems SO far away, but I know time will fly! So far it's been a stressful but exciting ride!!
While I attend OU, I'm actually a huge Oklahoma State football fan!! I love my Pokes & consider myself a Pokes fan by heart!!!
I never in a million years guessed I'd attend OU, but life has a way of throwing curve balls I suppose! I am enjoying school so far though!

I have a Pomeranian (Trixie) that I adopted in 2011 from a local rescue group. She is spoiled but she is my baby! I LOVE animals & would adopt more if I had the means to do so, but unfortunately I can't do that so I try to donate old items of mine to a Pets & People thrift store as often as I can since the money they raise goes to their local no-kill animal shelter. It's my way of helping the animals since I can't take them all home with me!! I used to have a dog, Itty Bitty, that I had for years until she passed away in August 2013. I miss her all the time!! I also lost my cat, Tiger, a few years ago. For anyone who says animals are not family, well I don't agree! They are definitely family!

I may not comment as often as I'd like due to being in school now but when I DO comment, just know that I have listened to your song! I won't just spam you with whatever, lol. I will actually listen!!! And I'm fairly easy to get along with so feel free to say hi!! See ya'll around SS!!!

Miss my grandpa & my baby, Itty Bitty, every day!!

RIP Tiger:

Me with my dog, Trixie (sorry the pic is so huge!):