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vcglancs is 64 years old, is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since December 9, 2011. She has a total of 105 public recordings that have been viewed 6,547 times and 192 achievement points.

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I'm Viv from England, very recently widowed (love and miss you Michael) I have 2 sons Paul and Christopher and 3 wonderful grand children Danyella, Eliysha and Hope. I have a sister, Susan (CRAIGSMAM), who lived in America for 35 years and the only way we could really keep in contact was through SingSnap but she has now moved back home to England and we see each other all the time and can sing beside each other rather than through headphones from across the other side of the world, fantastic. She's the one who got me into SingSnap so it's all her fault when you hear me sing!!!
I also have a brother, Stuart (Z1GGY) another snapper, who lives over here, He's a nutter!!!
I'm a life long Beatles fan, moving to Paul after they split. I live very near Liverpool and went to watch Paul there in December 2011, what a thrill, he's still had it then at 69 years of age.
I'm an animal lover but particularly love dogs. I'm a dog walker/sitter and am out in all kinds of weather everyday but it does help keep me fit.
I love singing and wish I was better but hey, what the heck.

Here are a few of my recordings.

Me and Sis(sdslancs)with our first ever duet on SS.

Actually this is Sis and I doing an uplugged version of "Things we said today" with Sis playing her 12 string guitar and tambourine.

This is me, Sister Susan(sdslancs) and brother Stuart(Z1GGY) doing our first ever trio.

One of my absolute favourite Beatles tracks, just so simple and beautiful.

Me and Sis on our first true harmony. It's actually "Two of us" by The Beatles. She is playing guitar too, very clever!!!

I've always loved this haunting song.