UFOz8MyGoat's real name is Chris Griswald. Chris is 43 years old, is located in Oklahoma / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 25, 2007. He has a total of 308 public recordings that have been viewed 13,338 times and 275 achievement points.

Sing with me! My Complete duet list
61) Garth & Trisha - Like we Never Had a Broken Heart
60)Josh Turner - Your Man (Duet)
59)Celine Dion & Clive Griffin - When I Fall In Love
58)Fade Into You - Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen
57)C.Aguilera - B.Paisley - Justa Fool(Duet)
56)Roberta Flack_Maxi Priest - Set The Night2Music
55)Maroon5-LadyA._Out Of Goodbyes
54)Lost In Love (sc)(duet)(free) Air Supply
53)I Need You duet(free) Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
52)Ray Price-M.McBride_An Affair To Remember
51)Want U Back - Cher Loyd(freestyled my part)
50)Josh Groban Barbara Streisand-All I know of Love(Ship Wreck plz join this Titanic)
49)John Schneider - U R The Last Thing I needed 2nite
48)M.Buble-L.Pausini_You'll Never Find
47)James Morrison-You Give Me Something
1)Ozzy/Lita-If I Close my eyes
2)This MAgic Moment Duet
3)Mickey G-U Really Got Ahold on me
4)June-Johnny - If I were a carpenter
5)You're the reason God made Oklahoma(duet from 2008)
6)Warnes-cocker.Up where we belong(2008 kinda low vol.)
7)Warnes-Cocker.Up where we belong2(2020. louder but not really better LOL )
8)C.Twitty-L.Lynn-You're the reason our kids are ugly
10)B52s-Love Shack
11)Hagard-Jewel-That's the Way Love Goes(2010)
12)Cinderella-Don't know what U Got(duet Version)
13)A Bad Goodbye-C.Black&W.Judd
14)John Legend-All of Me(Duet Version)
15)Survivor - The Search is Over(Duet Version)
16)P.Cetera-Cher-After All
17)Ed sheran-All of The Stars duet piano instrumental
18)Staind-It's Been A While duet version
19)S.Twain-Still the One Duet Version
20)Haggard-Silver Wings
21)C.Harris-E.Goulding_Outside(piano)Duet Instrumental(Hope some1joins!!)
22)Chris Isaac-Wicked Games duet
23)Don't Go Br8king My Heart - E.John_kiki
24)M.Sarne-W.Richards-Come Outside
25)Cher-Sonny_Baby Don't Go
26)P.Wagner-D.Parton-Till I Met You
27)Jimmy Charles - A million2One
28)C.Crow ft.Sting- Always On Your Side
29)Roxette-Almost Unreal(duet)
30)Medley-Warnes_Time of MyLife(I've Had)
31)Mary C. Arpenter-J.Diffe - Not too much to ask
32)Meet Me In Montanna-M.Osmond_DanSeals
33)Chicago - U R The Inspiration
34)GnR-Don't Cry _DUET Version
35)Poison - Ever Rose Has Itz Thorn(Duet Version)
36)HELLO (DUET) L.Ritchie-J.Nettles
37)The Rose(Duet)Twitty-Midler
38)A whole new world(aladin)
39)Showboat musical-Make believe Short version
40)Bon Jovi Duet Version - I'll Be There4U
41)Streisand-Diamond_U Don't bring Me Flowers
42)Def leppard-When Love & Hate Collide
43)Whiskey Lullabye
44)K.Whitley-Don't Close Your Eyes (Duet Version)
45)Words off track_Gary Allan-Best I ever Had 4Duet
46)Bad Company - Burnin' Sky4Duet

Its like the nothing has ate up what was and now you came back to what was left. And now you dont have a flying dog or any cool rock people to talk to all because you were scared to jump off the diving board in the first place. It's like a pet cemetery. Sometimes you try and bring something back from before and It's just not quite the same. That isn't anyone's fault but your cat is all fucked up. and your spouse just bit your neck and all because your son got hit by a truck or a bus or whatever it was and like the beetles you should have just let it be. So hey jude. don't make it bad. take a sad song and make it better. Don't feel like you owe me anything if I comment. I don't want that pressure. I know there are circles here and I'm not trying to gain access nor re-live anything that was here before. So i'm just going to work on my voice and practice my scales from Jacobs vocal academy free on the youtube. and maybe do some more poetry sings in the house band section. Listening is alot of data and work but i really enjoy that part. So i just figured id give everyone some crazy explanation and sit back and laugh because you read all this and maybe felt sorry. Just remember there's no crying in baseball. In the mean time. Stay golden pony boy