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Trishabird is located in Colorado / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 17, 2008. She has a total of 22 public recordings that have been viewed 1,197 times and 125 achievement points.


When I was
little my grandmother always called me "Trishabird", so
I guess the name is a keeper. I love to sing...believe
me when I say it comes from the heart. I sing when I'm
happy, sad, and being silly...I do it because of how it
makes me feel. I love to listen to all my friends sing
also. For me this is a place to unwind and have some
fun. Life is very stressful at times and gives each of
us some real's always nice to know you
have friends you can turn to. I am always here to lend
an ear or a tissue...but also to stir up a little
trouble and a few laughs. Please know...I never mean to
offend anyone with my comments. I love to tease and joke
around. I have many friends here whom I know I can turn
to when life gets tough. I consider each and everyone of
you my dear friend. You are all unique and special to
me. A special thanks to my dear friend Deb, (Rainnara) for creating
this BEAUTIFUL profile page for me...I know I never
could have done anything like this on my own. It's all
in good fun so sing yourselves silly...I'll be

***SMILES***... Trisha..................

~Plant the Seeds of Love & See What Grows~