ToneDeafme's real name is Diana Empey. Diana is 51 years old, is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since September 12, 2011. Currently, she has a total of 150 public recordings which have been viewed 4,082 times.

]Hi my name is Diana.. I enjoy singing when I am in the mood to sing.
There are so many wonderful singers here on SS and not just good singers but Great people too:) It is a pleasure to live in this day and age and connect with so many from all over the globe. The greatest thing I believe is to be real. I believe in old fashioned values at my core and yearn for all to to rise up and be of great character. I feel this is desperately needed in today's society and sometimes you feel like u r on the losing end of the stick nowadays yet I know it will pay off one day when this life is be true to yourself and others the best you can:) Peace and Love to all and sing, sing and sing some more:)

Below is something my mother recently wrote and I thought I would share it and yes Love is the Greatest Gift of this love deeply and truly:)

Attended a funeral yesterday for an elderly gentleman who resided in my building. The cards that were available to us beside the guest book had a picture of him and the words. " A life well lived is a life well loved". This reminded me that it does not matter who you are, or how rich, or how famous or what you have accomplished when you reach your final destination on this earth. The only real thing you leave behind that means anything is your love. Money can be spent and it is gone but memories and hearts full of the certainty you were loved cannot be replaced. So if you are not well off financially but you can give freely of your time, your wisdom when required, your discipline when needed and your support then you are loving and giving unconditionally and that is a Blessing in itself. So I say if you are lucky enough to have love in your life for the taking, then take a huge helping whenever possible, it may not be absolutely free as it is an emotional decision of dedication and often times has been the result of selflessness, it is nevertheless the necessity of the heart to feel and function well to obtain and live a full life. Yes. a life well lived is a life well loved! I wish everyone the Blessings of true love!