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Todd- is 56 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 24, 2008. He has a total of 2 public recordings that have been viewed 39 times and 28 achievement points.

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If you are here wasting your time reading...
then allow me to torture you with my personal philosophy....

In life we have up and downs, goods and bads, loves and hates.

To find happiness you must decipher the negatives and positives for yourself personally. In the end, there is only honesty and existentialism....

Within them thrive risk of non acceptance.

Those that wear a mask to remove the risk, hide behind their own inescapable demise in days end.

When one gets beyond what others think of them for being their true selves... they will lose no sleep, have no guilt, suffer no remorse, and regardless of condition that surrounds them... the condition within them will prevail and inner peace is achieved.

Remember... the only thing the truth in life causes loss of.. are the people that cannot face it, and the liars that don't know the meaning of the word in it's real sense.

But what it brings you within, far outweighs all you may lose around you.

More so ... what builds around you is built on a stronger foundation, that will far out last the temples created by bricks of bullshit.

Love or Hate me for who I am. In the end there is only truth, and no amount of lies will ever change the reality of truth. We are who we have become, determined by all the paths that we have chosen to walk 99% of the time.

Waste not life on what you could have done... instead live for you still can achieve that you have not. Living for the past holds no future.

Love... In its truest of forms is the one thing that money cannot buy, yet all of mankind seeks.

If you find it, give to it what you wish to get from it... do not be fooled by those who take it without giving it in return... and fall not for the concept of it... The idea of love is not love in its true form.

If at first love doesn't succeed

Try again my friend

But if it makes your soul just bleed

Let it die and end

And this is my philosophy...