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Tigress74's real name is Teri C. Teri is located in Oklahoma / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 6, 2011. She has a total of 78 public recordings that have been viewed 6,313 times and 24 achievement points.

I decided to put something in my profile since it looked so bare and empty! I'm really glad I found this site I've been blessed by meeting so many awesome people here on SS. I'm amazed at how many wonderful singers there are, I keep finding more every day I'm on here! It's amazing how you can connect with people through a keyboard and screen and feel as if you've known them in real life. I've met a few on here that are more my friends than the ones I have here in my every day life.

I'm not here because I think I can sing, I came here the first time because I was looking for a release from the every day stress and pressures that life brings us. I play the piano and I love singing so I decided to try SS and from the first day I was here I was addicted. For the first couple of months I wasn't a gold member and in February of this year I got nominated for the gold membership and got it for free for 1 month. After having the gold membership I was really hooked and decided to keep the membership going, so here I am singing my heart out and enjoying all the wonderful singers here on SS. The Lord never said I had to carry a tune, He said to "make a joyful noise" and that's what I do!

I'm thankful for the person or persons who created this site, I know how much it has blessed me and I know there are many others that have been just as blessed as I have, it's not just the site's the people on the site as well, the combination of the two that makes it so great.

I'm done rattling on now so you can get back to the music and sing some beautiful songs!! Take care and thank you for visiting my page!!