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Tigerlee's real name is Helen Hunt. Helen is 75 years old, is located in Michigan / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 3, 2010. She has a total of 2,672 public recordings that have been viewed 100,783 times and 143 achievement points.

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Married lady,seems like I'm 113 years old some days - gosh , where did all those wonderful years go - I have many many happy memories that I hope I can remember for the years to come! I Love my hubby, our puppies, Florida, Michigan & all in-between, listening to country/western music, singing along with the radio, scrapbooking, eating out, ice cream , sleeping in past 7AM, old car shows, Boat rides, Garage/yard Sales , My Family & friends & Being Retired!!!! That's about all I can find time for!! LOL!

We spend winters in Florida~ much better ! No snow there - usually! We are so blessed to have made some great friends in the park where we stay near Mt Dora Florida! Wouldnt trade them for anything!!! Especially Barb, Betty, Colleen, Margaret, May Ann & Nancy ~ & their husbands & all the others there too.
God Bless you~ each & every one!!!

KEEP SINGING !!!!!!!!!!!!

Update - Aug.2014 ~ managed to fall twice this summer -within 2 weeks time - cut my leg up serious & ended up banging my head pretty darned bad - had 2 concussions - which I am still recovering from - no permanent brain damage - so the Doc said - what does she know anyway? I've been told by trusted? friends that I have always been a little off in the head! LOL! So who should I believe anyway - I do know falls like I took really do mess one up - so be careful strolling around after dark with no lights on in the house & going up stairs!!!! It was so damned easy to fall - hard part - besides my head - was getting up off the floor!!!!!

New update Oct 2014 ~ Found out I have COPD ~ I knew I was getting short winded , never thought it was as bad as it is. I have lost 40% breathing capacity. I thought since I quit smoking nearly 25 years ago, I wouldn't have this ~ Wrong!!
Could be worse tho - At least the meds are helping most days!
I'm going to keep singing as long as I can!! One cant give up everything they like to do!!!
SO~~~~~ Keep singing!!!!!!!!! I'll try to listen~ really!!!!!!!