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Tigerlee's real name is Helen Hunt. Helen is located in Michigan / USA and has been a SingSnap member since May 3, 2010. She has a total of 3,406 public recordings that have been viewed 150,361 times and 286 achievement points.

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Married lady,seems like I'm 113 years old some days -But, I am only 78 ~~ gosh , where did all those wonderful years go - I have many many happy memories that I hope I can remember for the years to come! We are in Southern Michigan & also sometimes in central Florida ~ I Love my hubby, our puppies, Florida, Michigan & all in-between, listening to country/western music, singing along with the radio, scrap booking, eating out, ice cream , sleeping in past 7 AM, old car shows, Boat rides, Garage-yard Sales , My Family & friends, SingSnap & especially Being Retired!!!! That's about all I can find time for!! LOL!

Update Oct 2014 ~ Found out I have COPD ~ I knew I was getting short winded , never thought it was as bad as it is. I have lost 40% breathing capacity. I thought since I quit smoking nearly 25 years ago, I wouldn't have this ~ Wrong!!
Could be worse tho - At least the meds are helping me most days! Cant give up everything I like & want to do now- can I?? SO, I'm going to keep singing as long as I can!!

Another update ~ 2017 ~ found out I have Sleep Apnea, waiting for that dreaded C PAK machine. It cant be any worse than those tests I had to have. AND, I wont stop breathing during the night. That's scary ~ when they said I didn't breathe for 26 sec. many times thru the night.

March 8,2018~~ Well, I did it again~~~ fell in the shower ~~ Just lost my balance~
(2-1-2018)~~ I wasn't even wet yet, was sober as a judge & wide awake~~really did a big bad number on the ribs on my left side , slipped & fell into the corner where the wall meets the tile, cracked 5 didn't break any tho. Hurt my foot too, but that was a piece of cake compared to the ribs. Just now, 6 weeks later I am beginning to have a day here & there with hardly no pain. Sure looking forward to being able to do more than I can now!! Haven't been on SS much - hard to sit for any length of time- hope I am back now.

I Will try to listen & comment to those that listen & comment on my songs & some that don't too~~~ No promises! I don't have as much time to be on SS lately, but, I will do my best to return comments & view & comment on recordings done by others here.

Please except my apologies if I forget to return a comment - believe me, it's not intentional. After all, some say I'm an old lady , & old ladies are apt to forget a lot of things along their journey thru this life. What do they mean - I'm Old???? Nope~~~
I'm just forgetful, that's all!!!!!!!!!