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TidBit is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 22, 2008. She has a total of 26 public recordings that have been viewed 2,602 times and 69 achievement points.

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To all of my friends and fans
I have deleted all of my recordings due to the fact that I could no longer afford the cost of membership. I could not bear to watch them slowly dwindle away. I will be recording more soon as I am only allowed 100.
Know how very special and cherished your comments are and were to me on the recordings I have deleted.
Luv u guyz! *Hugz* xoxo

Hello! I'd like to tell you a bit about myself, and how i came to sing. Now I know that Hamsters are not supposed to be able to sing much less sing in front of people but once you hear my story I think you will know why. I was born in a pet store. I had a big family..lot's of brothers and sisters (you know us Hamsters) and I was the runt of the litter and always had to wait to eat until last. So, while waiting for my turn would sing to help pass the time. I made a promise to God that when i grew up I would sing to help humans ease the burdens of their daily lives with helping to put a smile on their face. One day a kind woman came into the pet store and gave me a home. While i was running on my exercize wheel, I started singing. The woman did not know before this time that I am a singing hamster and was amazed. I told her about my promise that I had made to God..and how i wasn't sure about how I was going to be able to keep my promise with me being so small and all. Her eyes lit up and she said...I know how I can help you! She told me about Sing Snap and all the people whose lives I could touch. And, whose lives would touch mine. Well..you don't have to twist this Hamsters lil ole arm...I'm always up for smiles!! So through her helping me and God's amazing gift...here I am!! After all I'm just a lil lover of singing and music. My idols are the Chipmunks! So that's it in a nutshell (forgive the pun). I hope that you all enjoy my music and that it brings a smile across your face...we can never have enough of those! Luv you guyz! And always remember....Cheeeeze Out!!! God Bless! *Hugz* xoxo

New songs comming soon!