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Thessa_CA is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 29, 2007. She has a total of 1,076 public recordings that have been viewed 61,000 times and 782 achievement points.

Welcome Folks.. Thank You Sing Snap... a great place to be...every one loves music and can sing not me... but I want to Sing..and have Fun like others and make new Friends. 2015 Christmas SS Chorus Winter Wonderland 2011

I really appreciate people who come by, listen, write comments and push LIB. I will do it the same to you before I post a new song... FAIR enough.

SingSnap last song Sept. 15, 2010, B-4 all got deleted 2007

Am originally from Manila, Philippines. I came in the US 1983. Married to a wonderful man for 32 years and we had 2 adults Children. As Family, we love indoor and outdoor activities.. I like to play table pool (Billiard) with my son and still trying to win. We love to walk, hike, kayaking etc..we love going to Flea Market, Auto Show, Home show ETC.. My soul mate like to play guitar and key board same with my daughter, she sing too ..she is very active volunteer as a teen in the community.
through St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church...


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