Thessa_CA's real name is Thessa B.. Thessa is located in California / USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 29, 2007. Currently, she has a total of 522 public recordings which have been viewed 26,839 times.

Hello Beautiful Singsnapers…Originally came from the Philippines…In the year of 1983, I moved to the United States to marry a man who changed my life and whom I now have two children ..30 yrs of being married and counting..…We been together like a super glue..24/7..He love music as I do but we never sing together…He loves to play his guitar and keyboard almost everyday. and we like to dance together …but you won't like to see us dancing..we are terrible dancers..I step on his foot…that the best part of it…As a family we like outdoor activities, biking at the lake…walking and hiking…Swap Meet…Street Fair…car show and Amusement Park..I did run 3x on a marathon, (2) 5K (1) 10K got a good record on my 3rd one.. and looking forward for my next one...

I love music like every one does…Two things, I came here to sing after a long day, make new Friends and listen to your song all the way.…I am worry about more not pronouncing the words correctly than me being out of tune…Believe it, I keep repeating a song more than 10x or more before posting it that will be my best job…even I know it sounds terrible…my kids said..its OK your doing it for FUN….I feel good when they said that…and I feel fine..Hopefully I will try to sing a song a day..

I appreciate anyone who comes to listen to my song , Views and Comments are very important to me..even one or two words..your putting a big, big smile on my face and that makes my day too…..and I have to return the favor before I sing a new song…its me and fair to all…From the bottom of my heart…Thank you so very much..I love you all….I will always come and listen to you…I promise that.