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Hello. My name is Anthony. Or "Tony" - if you prefer my nickname. Thank you for checking out my Profile Page. May I tell you a few things about myself?

The first thing you should know about me is that I am a Christian. Now - some people mistakenly think that if you are not a Jew or a Muslim - or don't belong to some other religion - then that automatically makes you a Christian. Or if you are an American - THAT makes you one. Therefore let me be crystal clear as to exactly what I mean when I say I am a Christian.

It means that one day the Holy Spirit of God began dealing with my heart and put me under conviction that I was a sinner in need of a SAVIOR. That if I died in my sins WITHOUT having been saved - that I would NOT go to Heaven - but rather go straight to Hell. I needed to be BORN AGAIN - just as Jesus Christ tells us in the Gospel of John Chapter 3 - which can be found in God's Holy Word - the Bible.

I repented of my sins and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to SAVE me - to come into my heart and life and forgive my sins so that I would live with Him forever. HALLELUJAH - He did just that - and being eternally grateful I will PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME FOREVER!

Doesn't mean I'm PERFECT. FAR FROM IT! It Just means that I've been FORGIVEN - and that I now belong to God. He is my HEAVENLY FATHER and I am His child.

I love that my name "Royce" means "Son of the King". I think that is pretty cool. I'd like to think that perhaps my mom when choosing my name had faith that one day I WOULD BE a son of the King. The KING of kings.

Now - even though what I just told you is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you should know about me - I'd also like for you to know that there are many things I enjoy in THIS life.

College football for example. ROLL TIDE & WAR EAGLE! Yes...GO SEC! That should give you a pretty good idea in what part of the country I live.

I also LOVE to act and have had the opportunity to be in several indie films. And I also LOVE to sing - obviously. I REALLY love to sing. Most of my life I've dreamed of being an entertainer - either an actor or singer - or both. Forget dancing - I have TWO LEFT feet.

When I decided to start this account with SINGSNAP I knew right away that I wanted to dedicate it to singing ONLY songs that were about God and my Christian Faith. Praise and Worship songs...hymns...Gospel songs...etc.

Then I needed to come up with a Member Name. I considered many possibilities, e.g. "Believer"..."Child of God"..."Glory"..."Hallelujah"..."Maranatha"...and so forth.

One thing I knew for certain was that I wanted my VERY FIRST song to be - "How Great Thou Art". It has always been one of my ALL TIME favorites - AND - it was my mom's favorite.

As I was thinking of the words to the song - and especially the chorus - it hit me like a bolt of lightening what my Member Name for this karaoke account should be - "Then Sings My Soul". It was PERFECT.

The name expresses PRECISELY what takes place whenever I sing about my LORD. I was really glad the name wasn't already taken. Then I looked around for an image to use for my Profile Picture and was THRILLED when I found what you see here. Goes PERFECT with the name - don't you think? I couldn't have asked for anything better.

I truly hope my songs will be a blessing to you.

Praise be to GOD!