Thefemalephantom is 73 years old, is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since May 19, 2011. She has a total of 1,337 public recordings that have been viewed 156,530 times.

Hi there! Just call me Hammy. I live in the UK. I have always loved singing, but apart from singing in church as a youngster, I have only ever sung in my bathroom - until January 2011 when I started to try on-line Karaoke. But I didn't join SingSnap until 19th May 2011. The name Thefemalephantom is just a name - nothing more. I just happen to like Phantom music. I don't sing on webcam because I am quite shy. Likewise I have never sung in a Karaoke pub or bar - or performed on stage anywhere, although I would like to try that one day, if I ever find the courage. I am a member of Poppy's Romance Club. It's not a dating community. It's just part of SingSnap where we all consider ourselves to be hopeless romantics - who just love singing pretty romantic songs.



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