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I started singing in church youth group choirs at 16! That led to band gigs as first back-up, then lead vocals....some of the things that have happened to me over the! Did lead vocals for a Pontiac, Mi. based band that became the warm-up opening act for a then not-too-well-known up and coming young rocker named Bobby Seger! We did it free for the exposure....through Bobby, I met a few of his friends and they became MY friends.....Mitch (Ryder), Burt (Burton Cummings!), and Johnny (John Fogarty!) Mitch founded the Detroit Wheels, Burt was lead vocals for the Guess Who, and Johnny was Lead vocals/front man for Creedence Clearwater Revival. Through these guys contacts our band actually scored a recording contract and cut a demo tape , because of their contacts with a well-connected Detroit area DJ! It all fell apart, however, when an accident involving our lead guitarist, whose dad was our manager, couldn't play anymore-they both walked away; at the same time I met and fell in love with the girl who would be at my side for the next 46 years, and my life took a completely different direction! Yeah, there were other bands, entertainment gigs cruise ships, etc. over the years, and other stories....but that's for another time!
Through the years I managed to stay in touch with these guys.....whenever they were in town or gigging nearby, I was always invited to get together with them. One time they were all together at a Rock Festival on the Detroit River, and invited me to hang with 'em. The five of us went to this VERY prestigious Restaurant on the riverfront, and people were comin' up to us asking for autographs-and they were asking me for MINE!!!!! (One girl looked at my autograph, and said "Who are YOU?" "Nobody!" I replied! Only time THAT ever happened! Just remember THIS: "The ONLY thing that separates mediocrity from excellence is PRACTICE!" I'm just a mediocre guy who's practiced his ASS off for decades! LOL!!!!

I'm CLASSIC ROCK clear through to the marrow in my bones!!! (If a song was made AFTER 1989, there's a REAL good chance I don't know it-or CARE to! LOL!!) Nowadays I'm a DJ/KJ, and occasionally sing at weddings..(yeah, I'm a Wedding Singer! LOL!) but mostly KJ-ing Private Parties and company events-picnics, holiday parties- both up here in Mi. and in the Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater area. A great supplement to my retirement income!
Been on here in one incarnation or another since '08! I use this site primarily as a practice venue. To my old and dear friends- Mitch, Bobby, Burt and Johnny- lookin' forward to seeing you guys later this year! Just stayin' warm down here in T.B. for the winter!! PS: to those of you (and you KNOW you are, Dahlings!) on here who HATE me, but LOVE me too (and LISTEN CONSTANTLY!)but never comment so as not to "give yourself away".....CHILLAX! Life's too SHORT for DRAMA!!!!! G.O.I.!!!!! LOL!!!!! LIFE IS GOOD!! ROCK ON, STAY WARM, AND STAY TANNED!!!!! WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL!!!

FYI: there is no "Space".....The earth is flat, and covered with an IMPENETRABLE Firmament Dome, above which are the Waters, and beyond that, Gods Heaven...."Antarctica" doesn't exist-it is a 70,000+ mile ICE WALL 200 ft. high SURROUNDING the edge of the Flat Earth......the sun and moon are located WITHIN THE FIRMAMENT DOME, and not millions, or hundreds of thousands of miles away.....the earth is stationary, does not "orbit" the sun, and is a sealed, enclosed, protected system. The ABSOLUTE PROOF of GOD'S EXISTENCE is directly ABOVE us-just look UP!

In 10 years time or less, every one of these statements will be proven to be 100% factual, and globes will be removed from every classroom worldwide. Prepare for your paradigm to shift beyond all human imagination.WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!!!! IT'S TIME TO PULL THE CURTAIN BACK AND EXPOSE THE TRUTH!!!!!

IF the Earth is flat: why would governments lie about it being flat and teach us otherwise? What does any government or elite group of people gain from it being spherical?

ANSWER: Simple, really...... To hide a Creator. And to hide that we are in fact in a sealed, GOD-PROTECTED environment. We can't go up as there is an INDESTRUCTIBLE, IMPENETRABLE Firmament Dome. We can't go down as there is burning lava. And to get to the edge we have to travel huge rough oceans, scale huge ice cliffs and traverse hundreds of miles of ice wasteland to get to the edge

And imagine if the entire earth became aware that there is an impenetrable Firmament dome above us! There would quite simply be no question that a creator existed. And that we were created equal. And no man had the right to rule over another.

Imagine then, that we would have to contemplate our entire existence, and what it meant. That each of us was indeed on earth to fulfill our destinies, and not consume plastic gadgets, eat made up artificial foods that make us fat and ill, or chase money that makes us slaves.

What would you do if if you were a member of the Elites, and was armed with this information yet lived off the backs of others, enjoying unlimited power and unlimited money ? Would you be prepared to re-join the masses when it kicked off ?

Those that profit and live in luxury prey on those that don't know.... there would quite simply be a revolution of BIBLICAL proportions! Chaos! We would demand answers. and our way of life would change forever. We would NO LONGER be controllable.

no longer would we believe another man, another institution or another government. We would believe in a Creator, AND we would know our Creator really exists.

Psalm 19:1 is written on Werner Von Braun's tombstone (He helped invent the rockets that “went to the moon”)

Psalm 19:1King James Version (KJV)

19 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

The emblem of the United Nations is a map of the earth AS IT TRULY IS-FLAT.... Look at it carefully.......Wouldn't it be ironic if, all along, the TRUTH has been hiding in plain sight ALL THIS TIME???