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The first thing you should know about me is that I am a Christian. I'm a sinner saved by GRACE. I've been forgiven and now belong to God. I'm HIS child.

It's interesting that my name - "Royce" - means "Son of the King". I think that is pretty cool. Perhaps when choosing that name my mom had faith that one day I WOULD BE a son of the King. The KING of kings.

Now - while that is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you should know about me - another is that I enjoy college football. ROLL TIDE & WAR EAGLE! Yes...GO SEC!

I LOVE to act and have had the opportunity of being in several low budget indie films.

I also LOVE to sing. I REALLY love to sing. All my life I've dreamed of being an entertainer -
either an actor or singer - or both. Forget dancing - I have TWO LEFT FEET.

I'm not THAT GOOD of a singer...but I can PRETEND that I am. Also when I record a song I PRETEND
(there's that word again) that I am the ORIGINAL artist and I try as best I can to capture that ORIGINAL sound.

Thus the reason for my Member Name.