Sometimes God takes away something you never expected losing, but he WILL replace it with something

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The angels praised God at Creation (Job 38:7), and now they praised Him at the beginning
of creation, The whole purpose of the plan of salvation is "glory to God" (see Eph 1:6, 12, 14). God's glory had dwelt in tabernacle (Ex 40:34) and in the temple (2 Chron 7:1-3), but had departed because of the nation's sin (1 Sam 4:21: Ezek 8:4, 9:3, 10:4, 18:, 11:22-23) Now God's glory returning to earth in the person of His Son (John 1:14) that lowly manger was a holy of holies because Jesus was there!
Keep this going........ Heavenly Father , walk through my house, and take away all my worries, pain and any illnesses, and please watch over and heal my family and friends. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Sometimes God takes away something you never expected losing, but he WILL replace it with something you never imagined you could have.

hey Connie

you are so exactly right

I never knew when I was in the situation I was in

that if I could just let go & trust god fully

how my life would forever be changed

to where it is today.

from being married to an alcoholic to a drug user

now for God to send the most perfect man that he could have ever created

besides his own son

I am so very lucky & mostly blessed that I am married to the most amazing man

anyone could ever imagine.

I ask myself every day, what did I do to deserve this sweet man.

he is a wonderful Christian, a true gentleman, and for once

I love someone the same way they love me back & it's not just a one-sided love anymore.

he puts me & my needs before his own, he opens my doors, he tucks me in bed at night, lol

and he is a hard worker, he gives me anything I've ever wanted.

but what I try to tell him is, the things I've longed for, money can't buy.

thank you so much for all your prayers through the years, for your friendship & never giving up on me

it's friends like you that gave me the strength to keep going when I wanted to give up on life.

I love you, Connie

and thank you for sharing this beautiful song

I always love to hear your sweet voice.

hope you & your family have a wonderful christmas