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SweetLA's real name is Leslie Flynn. Leslie is 69 years old, is located in Ontario / Canada and has been a SingSnap member since November 7, 2011. She has a total of 3,027 public recordings that have been viewed 149,139 times and 385 achievement points.

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I live in small town, Ontario, and have come to appreciate SingSnap as a good friend. We spend so many hours a week together, and that is just sad.

I worked for the Canadian federal government for most of my career and was a conference coordinator, both nationally and internationally, and event planner during those 34 years. I also wrote speeches for politicians, and THAT, my friends, required a whole lot of imagination, an immense sense of humour and a plethora of tact.

Some of the things that fill my empty hours (Empty hours? Seriously?) are oil painting, writing plays and books, photography and song writing - all very special gifts from God.

I also enjoy singing, although I hadn't done much publicly until the summer of 2015, when I started to feel more confident with my singing, thanks to SingSnap. Despite the fact that people have gently told me that "some people should just sing in the shower" I shall continue to participate in Open Mic nights in a bar near me. Life is too short and this girl has learned that she just gotta have fun!

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