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sweetest_eyez_n_tx's real name is Robin :). Robin is 48 years old, is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 9, 2007. She has a total of 81 public recordings that have been viewed 1,140 times and 39 achievement points.

I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids..I am a daughter to the most wonderful parents..a sister to my very gifted brother..and I am a granddaughter.... ~Two sparrows in a hurricane~....I was blessed with 3 beautiful kids..which are my life! My oldest, Stetson, is 19 and is now a college student studyin chemical engineering *YaY*..very intelligent (very proud to say made the deans list his first yr in college), humorous , a very very handsome young man and the most kind heartedest person I have ever known..I love you Stetson and momma is so very proud of all you have done and I know you will accomplish all you set your mind to Then there is my 15 yr old Angel, Katelynn, God made her my "special" one..she is disabled..was born with a golfball sized hole in the left side of her brain..she does not speak other than the word "MOM" so that makes me feel very special knowin her only word is ME ..although she wears that word out ALOT..LOL..she is my sunshine..she is what motivates me every single day..and makes me realize that my "worst" days are normally her "best" days..."US" normal people take so many things in life for granted when we have no thought at all what it really is like to "suffer"..I wish jus for one day I could live in her mind and know what she is thinkin on a daily basis ..I love you my boo-boo's..your my hero!! My youngest is Travis and is 14 yrs old..he is my lil athlete...very very talented in all sports..his favorite sport to play is basketball..but he is best in baseball..he also is very smart..but focuses all of his time in sports..playin with friends..or umm jus being Travis instead of studyin like he should..LOL..he is my bullheaded child (I have no idea where he got that from..lmbo)..but he is my baby..and I am very proud of him as well..I love you bubba!! Kane is also 13 and has been living with my family since the summer..he has had a "rough" life and jus needs a "mother" figure to guide him..he is a great kid and has progressed so much since he has been with us..he is AMAZIN at all sports and I am sure we will be watchin him someday on TV ..I am proud of you Kane, keep up the great work! Momma "2" luvs you also!! My family is very important to me, as well as my friends..I thank God everyday for the blessings he has brought into my life..and yes have even thanked him for the struggles I have endured..without the struggles I wouldnt be the "woman" I am today! Life throws us up's, down's and many curves..that is part of life! I am a firm believer also in "everything happens for reasons and God does not put anything on us we can not handle" I keep that in mind on a daily basis and just live my life oneday at a time.. I am also kidney cancer and cervical cancer survivor!

Never live with regrets..only move forward and learn from the mistakes life has handed us, After all..what's done is done!...its what makes us stronger~*~

Smile big..love deep..live like there is no tomorrow!!