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I've been up since 3 am.........kind of worried what my Orthopedic Dr. and Surgeon will tell me about my MRI I had last week but whatever happens I will get through it. Appt. is at 8:30 so I thought I'd come on line. Haven't been up to it lately!...."UPDATE" Dec, 17th.. I don't think I've had this much pain even in my back. I can not do anything without trying to hold back the tears from my shoulder hurting so much. So far I don't have to have an operation thankfully...but on Dec. 13th the Dr. is going to drain all the fluid by my AC joint...that is what is causing so much pain. At least my rotator cuff isn't torn like they thought. Not having a Christmas this year. Can't do anything. Maybe have a double one "next year" lol but at least I have time to think of the real meaning of Christmas instead of presents and lights. Don't know how I would have made it through this if it weren't for Jesus and the reason for the season Happy Holidays Everyone!