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sunseeker63 is located in Denmark and has been a SingSnap member since October 4, 2008. He has a total of 94 public recordings that have been viewed 1,444 times.

...................................................Thoughts of love, belief and death......
I'm not afraid of dying, though I'm curious, What happens when we pass away ?

I'm a mix of european and inuit - I'm a global well educated citizen as well as a born natural hunter

Will I go to The Happy hunting ground ?

When I think of my Dad I see him at the Happy hunting ground... It feels good to imagine him being Happy and peaceful – and the Idea that One Happy day we will be united speaks to me

I am raised in a Christian society - will I end in Hell or can I be forgiven for all those sins and pass the entrance to Heaven ?

My life on earth is heaven and hell but mostly a mix of everything in between

You – that I hunger to be with – You're gone
You wouldn't believe how often my calling for You disappears out in the blue like a slowly dying echo

Still my love is screaming and demanding it's wishes to come true – denying to be ignored and forgotten

Promisses couldn't be given on this side – could we make a binding promise to each other that we meet on the other side ?

And we will hug each other with our loving arms ?

I tend to like better the Inuit view of eternal life leaving some hope that some day we will meet again - on the other side