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Sunriz's real name is Dawn Favreau. Dawn is 64 years old, is located in North Carolina / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 8, 2013. She has a total of 95 public recordings that have been viewed 15,726 times and 210 achievement points.

Hello SingSnap friends...My name is Sunriz (as in sunrise or Dawn) I am married, the mother of 2, grandmother of 5 and great grandmother of 2. I consider myself technologically challenged, have a simple home computer that I record and make my videos from, not some of those slick recording studio getups, so please bare with me in my endeavors...LOL! I am originally from SE CT. I love music, and singing, and have decided to try to spread my wings and fly with you. Any story I tell, in a song, is a reflection of my true life, and very often, while embellished for a story in a song, a bit, is a very true part of my family history...I hope you enjoy!

New London Harbor Light House...New London, CT. I grew up very near here!

Sunrise across a foggy North Carolina field

I will ALWAYS BELIEVE in Santa

I joined Sing Snap on June 8, 2013

profile picture: Every day, I live my life in a Holidaze!
Others recordings made for Sync or Swim on my song

Darn...Missed week 2 of Shocktober, visiting with my grandkids, but they are worth it!

OMG, this turned out so AWESOME!!! Love it!
My audition:
The finished product! Thanks Jason and Staff for a great job!

Darn...Missed week 2 of Winterfest, taking care of my parents, but they are worth it!

I My Computer and SingSnap

YeeHaw...June 8th will be 1 year as a member

Yep...You got Fishy Lips
But, of course, I could not make the last day of the Petal Power Challenge...Family obligations take precedence, yet again!

My audition for the 2014 SingSnap Chorus
...And an another amazing finished product...