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Sunnye is 74 years old, is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 18, 2007. She has a total of 1,030 public recordings that have been viewed 51,224 times and 169 achievement points.

This is my family,, RevRob and Daedreem's two daughters,Cathy at age7.and you can hear her under TwinkleCat.. Christy, age 2, who instead of loving to sing as Cathy always did, gets grouchy and tells everyone to QUIT when they start singing.. I think she is a little frustrated because SHE cant sing the words.. and the two boys are my great nephews, Phillip age 6 and Gabriel age 2Cathy and Christy are my princesses...Original Bio:I love to sing. It is such a pleasure to be here with others that share my love. I do not get a lot of time here, for various reasons, but the time I have here is GREAT. About me besides the fact that I have been a "shower singer" always,

I have a grown son and daughter, and one wonderful grand daughter... and a wonderful son in law (who was co producer of the very best recent event in my life.. my grandbaby), My daughter is Daedreem, son in law is RevRob.. and grandbaby is TwinkleCat.

I went to work in 2000 when others of my "life experience" (I refuse to say AGE because you are only as old as you feel and act were retiring. I work in a "Call center", currentlysupporting a satelite dish network *:) My job lets me help others, and I love that... the challenges are many and the thanks few... but no job is a "piece of cake" and I feel blessed to have a job and to work with such nice people...

The new stereo mixer here is making things much easier now.. my recordings are not always perfect but at least I have a background track that is not being heard from the mic...I have family here, anda "family" of friends here and at SimsOnStage where I sing under the same Nic..

I am amazed at the talent that can be found at both Sims and SingSnap, and wonder why talent scouts are not here snatching up members, because there are some that should be professional. There are some like me that just love to sing. I call myself a "Shower singer". I hope that my songs will bring happiness to the listeners...

I come from a family who loved singing, my daughter, Daedreem loves to sing, married a man who loves to sing so they worked on their greatest production.....released in March 2005. named TwinkleCaT....a beautiful little curly haired blue eyed songster.She loves to sing and sing and sing. So here we are with others who feel the same about music as we....

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Sometimes, you may hear more than just my own voice on my recordings... I thought I should show you that voice. --Here is my Accompa-Meow-Ment... Meinie. This soon to be 17 year old lady comes here with me every night to hear others and sing.

Happy Birthday, dear Gramma my daughter sang a song too...about Dusty Bottles, yep that is me.. :)There might be a little Dust on the Bottle :)