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steven1003's real name is Steven Caldwell. Steven is 60 years old, is located in Florida / USA and has been a SingSnap member since January 11, 2010. He has a total of 131 public recordings that have been viewed 5,699 times and 272 achievement points.

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Music is certainly an outlet for me fills me up ...allows me to express and feel ,often my life experiences.Like many ...I have had some experiences I d rather not talk about ...but I can find the heart to sing of them.Music is a vice for me and allows me to be true to myself with my emotions ...for I am a emotional man with no excuses and not afraid to be just that .I SING OF THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN ....THINGS THAT MIGHT BE and THINGS i DONT KNOW OF YET ......I often think it scares some away for they dont know how to deal with my emotion ...let alone ,perhaps there own.Thus you get a man that pours out and hopes the song was "ok"...but I ,for myself was able to do "therapy"for myself.I dont pretend to be what I m not and so appreciate those who appreciate my heart ...for I then know ,they too have PROBABLY traveled a similar path in their life .....we can relate. Anyways ...I wish you lifes best ...and as I get older ....I have become wiser ,gentler and hopefully a better singer based on the things I discussed and you understand.Stay strong and just know ....or at least I do ,as I look around me in this life .....this IS NOT all by chance simply cant be ....I refuse to think so ....and truly do believe that there is and are better times ahead for all of us .Godbless you all and I hope someday we meet to share music and to share our spirits ....if but just for a moment,for isnt that what life is all about .....a whole "bunch"of moments that we call memories????? ....NAMASTA