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StephanChuckNorStenz's real name is Stephanchucknors Stenzel. Stephanchucknors is located in Minnesota / USA and has been a SingSnap member since June 27, 2010. He has a total of 708 public recordings that have been viewed 89,097 times and 235 achievement points.

Hello! All At SingSnap*;
I Grew up a Shy humble Country*boy~2nd Child of Twelve in the Country!, Daddy was my Inspiration to Sing and All the Things I do today!,He passed At Just 39 Sept.1968, I'm in the process of writing a Book too!, Of how I Set Out To Meet Chuck Norris After Seeing This Guy With Blond Hair Blue Jeans Cowboy Boots and Kickin' the Daylights Out Of Cops who Illegally Arrested His Brother Drivin' An Eigheen Wheeler in A Movie Called "BREAKER BREAKER that My self and A Few Buddy's Watched At An Out Door Theater My Home Town Owatonna,Mn~

And Yes I Did Eventually Meet Him Feb 6th 1988. And Never Thought There Would Be A Second Chance! But As I Trained Martial Arts Students To Capture International & World Champions! Beside 3time Champ My Self As Chuck is A 6Time Former World Champ! Than A letter Arrived March 1995 At One Of my 16Martial Arts Schools A person Asking Me To Help "Kick Drugs Out Of America*(Now~"Kick Start America*) As I Read All the Instructions Provided at the Very End Signed ThankYou! Very Much~ CHUCK NORRIS*,And Invited To Meet/Have Dinner After I Train A Team Of Students to Perform On Stage Infront Of Him for A Chance To be A Guest On his TV Weekly Show "Walker Texas Ranger) lol.(Requirement was to Raise at Least $3,500.00, So We Had a FundRaiser Students and I Did Demonstations! Breaking Boards!Concrete Blocks,Fighting Up to 15 Rounds! With The Public Invited to Raise Funds! Yes We Brought Over $3,532.00 And My Students Too! Got To meet ChuckNorris! Have Dinner With him In Chicago May 13th 1995.
* But Before Daddy Passed He Took Me My Older Brother Mike,Mother And her Cousin Richard Holleschau & Sue Who Later Became his Wife! To A Concert In Rochester,At May Civic Autatorium in Mn To See Hear the Lovely Ms Kitty Wells Sing! Plus Opening Singer! Ole' Hank Williams Jr* him Self~Well at Only 16 & I was Just 13~And the Grand Finally Performer I got to Meet/Hear Was The Great*Ray Price! Wow!,

*And Then in June 1985 Meeting~ Shaking hands with the Great*Ricky Nelson Performing at the Southtown Mall in South Edina,Mn Later1986 Seeing live*Neil Diamond, Also Stood only five Feet Away of the Great*Stevie Ray Vaughan! July at the St.Paul River Fest 1986, Later 1986 The*Moody Blues"Nights in White Satin" And 1997~Lou Diamond Philips Singin'~ Playin' With the Pipe Fitters~ in Apple Valley,MN lol,& Kicks Brooks~yelled Out to Me at the Mn State Fair!1999~ Love YOUR HATE I Pointed Back Said YOURS TOO! lol,While he was Playin' On Stage!,I Came Back With a Beer Everyone Givin' Me High Five's Cause Audience heard him on the microphone!lol. An honor to see/hear Mr*Allan Jackson~Mn State Fair 2010!. Than Soki Michael Depasquale' Producer of Karate International Magazine & Action Film Stuntman Certified Training Academe Of Which I became Certified in Streetsburo Ohio,And In My First Move "Red On The Blue" Was A Bad Buy Guarding a Chop Shop of Gang Car Strippers! lol,Was Trained And Expected To Be Shot off A 3 Story Crane! But It Was Snowing/freezing They Canceled The 3Story Fall I Was Trained/Certified for, I thought I was Out,The Star Michael Jones! Also 3rd Degree BlackBelt, Said Remember Stephan Yesterday during your Practice 3story Falls in the Airbag that If Any Thing Gets Changed You'd be Glad To have A Fight Scene With Me?, I Smiled he Said Your ON,but...

Just because Your Higher BlackBelt Than Me(training in 6th degree) Doesn't Mean You Win! lol, I'm The Star, So I Got A 20 Second Fight Scene and Yes I was Knocked Out! lol. All Acting Only 6 or 8 Takes And That Was It!,But Producers forgot to put down a mattress&Air mattress down for me,I was Very Sore,but the Next Day! Needed My Students to help me out of Bed! lol, Than On To Higher Stuntman Certification Also Trained By Stuntman Actor JOE HESS,Stuntman in Movies (Only The Strong)Miami Vice Over four Doesen Times!) in Over 100 movies as of yr 2000,Trained At New York Storm king Mountain Campus On The Hudson River Just OutSide New York in the Yr 2000.

*Than 2001 Contacted By!~Veteran Actor Mr.JON VOIGHT Who Saw Many Articles/Photos of Chuck Norris And I ~ Asked me to Advise/Train him for his move production "the Karate Dog" Filmed in Vancouver Canada!, Which he gave me a walk on Role as a News Reporter, holding a small recorder in My right hand,I appear 3 times bout 50 minutes in!, And My Third Move Role In "Wildfire The Arabian heart"(A Disney Type with horse Wildfire) Filmed In Jordan,MN June 2008, I Also got My most Senior Student Ms Karen Gigikos!(BlackBelt Granny!) A Part In This Film A Disney Type we end up at the Very End Singin' "We Are Family!" She in her Powder Blue Suede/my self black Shirt with Orange Yellow Flames across the Chest with my Black Cowboy*hat (only seconds) lol.

*Today an Accomplished Martial Arts Master Instructor (To The Knowlege/Skill of 8th & 9th Degree BlackBelt TaeKwondo & Personally Trained By World Renowned Korean Supreme Grand Master Ji Han Jae 10th dan & Creator/Founder of Hapkido World Wide! Trained MeSelf Personally & Also His Assistant 6thdegree Master Chad Zweig to Knowledge Of 5th Degree Hapkido~Ji Han Jae~Came to USA* In 1965 Personally trained President Nixon's body Guards,Famous for Having Taught The Legendary "BRUCE LEE" Off Screen And Fought Mr.Lee in his final Movie! "Game Of Death".Going Thru the Bogoda (former Temple)from bottom to top! Just before Kareme Abdul Jabar.

Now Semi Retired from Owning/Teaching the Founding 16 School Locations and 34 Clubs. Nearly every Student Taught Personally by MySelf! Including Several Who became World Renowned~Former Deputy Sheriff Roger Roatch BlackBelt 1982~Today Detective I call(Super Cop)lol And Master BlackBelt., Mrs Carol Molnua who Went On An Became Two Time Republican LT.GOV.MN w/Gov.Tim Pawlenty!, Mr.Wayne Hoochren 2nd degree Black,Now Instructor nearly Two Decades, The Now Wisconsin Congressman/House Budget Chairman AND~2012 U.S.*Vice Presidential Nominee! MR.PAUL RYAN* I had personally Trained To Black Belt 25+yrs Ago! the Middle to Late 1980's And Onward toward his 2nd Degree,In......The Martial Arts Of........ Taekwondo/Hapkido/Judo/KungFu/Navy Seal*/Kickboxing And Sul Sa Do,All South~Korean Martial Arts.

*Plus Children BlackBelts Every Age from 5 17 and most All World & International Champions*Plus My Most Senior Ms Karen Gigikos!~known by TV News Stations Of Minneapolis as "BlackBelt Granny!" Made Her Debut w/Full Page Among Movie Stars* In Grand National Magazine Nov/Dec.Issue 2006 Among Stars~ *Sally Fields *Donny Osmond *Martin Sheen*Dr Wayne W Dywer, *Front Cover! *Ms Julie Andrews!

* And I have Taught/Coached/Mentored/Counciled & Inspired Over 250,000 Students since 1977. (I was a Young assistant of Korean Masters at Brown/Red Belt & Teaching! As My father Inspired/Raised Me With The Special Vocation of Help Others as a high calling.

And I Thank You for Stoppin' By! And Listenin' To my Tributes*To Icons Of Great American*Country & Elvis'Style etc. I am So Appreciative Of All Your Comments~Will be Continuing to Respond~To All Comments as I Can. Thank you Very Much~ Steve Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel Midwest U.S.Cowboy*of Southern MN & sometimes TEXAS*too lol God Bless*

*Just a Stawberry Roan /Bull Ridin' Country Cowboy! Livin' My Daddy's Dreams He had So Many Of! lol, And An Aviator fly Airplanes since July 8th 1973, Actor/Stuntman in Several movies,Trainer-Adviser to Veteran Actor Mr.JON VOIGHT in his film"The Karate Dog" or Unleashed!. Since May 1977 Certified Member of The United States Parachute Association*Skydiver, Martial Arts Master Instructor/Multiple States Champion!(1985Mn)(No.Dakota,So.Dakota,Wisconsin Masters 1988-89),U.S.Champion! 1991,92.94, 1993 &94 International Ninja Sword Champion! Washington D.C.At the Waldorf Hotel & 3 time World Champion! 1991,94,2000.New Orleans!,Trained to the knowledge/Skills of 8th Degree in Taekwondo 2002, 5th in Hapkido,Judo,Expert in Kickboxing, 7Styles KungFu, Judo,Navy Seal*, And Sul Sa Do ~Warrior! (So.Korean)

*Famous Students/BlackBelts-1981 former Deputy Sheriff~Today Detective-And Master Roger Roatch Mpls Mn,Patrick"Mortal Combat"Stille Rosemount,Mn age 5.Hmong Boy from East St.Paul,Mn Xana"Komodo SuperdDragon"Yang 3 time World Black belt Champion age 7,8,9.Wayne Hoockren of Chanhassen,Mn.Kelly Buckman & her 2 Boys of Prior Lake,Mn. Austin Navotny Silver Medal World Champion of New Prague,Mn, Jacob and brother Charley Lannon-New Prague- Multiple Mn State BlackBelt Children Champions!,Kimberly Megears(Minneaoplis,Mn) Silver Metal World Champion~2004, Michelle Gosewisch of Chaska,Mn.Black Belt Champion at age 16.

Congressman/House Budget Chairman~Now The 2012 U.S.*Vice Presidential Nominee of Wisconsin~ MR.PAUL RYAN To his BlackBelt 25+yrs Ago!,Seen On FoxNews! 2010 Verbally Sparring With Pres.Obama on The Hill~FOX NEWS etc. TRAINED Recommeded* BlackBelt~Two Term Republican LT.GOV.MN Mrs.Carol Molnau Lieutenant Gov.To Gov.Tim Pawlenty. Country Singer & Recording Artist Cowboy Chris Kamp! Ham Lake,Mn, "Black Belt Granny"Ms Karen Gigikos nick Named 'BlackBelt Grammy!" by TV News Stations Kare11 News-FoxNews9 of Mpls-Ms Karen Gigikos Of Anoka, Mn Also Sings*On SS. Thank You All For Your So kind Words, I Will Remember You! God Bless*

Stephan aka'chucknors'Stenzel USA* Grew Up Just 30 miles North and West One Mile East of Freeborn,MN~of Where The Music*Died Shortly After Performing At The Surf Ball Room! That Fateful Early Morn' Approx. 1:42 am~Feb.3rd 1959 Just Minutes After Take Off from Clear Lake Iowa In A Snow Storm & Dark,They Were To Fly nearly Directly Over My Daddy's farm one mile east of freeborn,Mn. I was only 6 ~ On there Way to Fargo/Moore head Mn for Another Concert. Country Singer *Waylon Jennings*swopped With JP Richardson*the Big Bopper! *Tommy Allsup Missed The Flight by a Coin Toss! With *Richie Valens* Takin' His Place! ~When America*And The World Lost The*Greats Of *Mr.Buddy Holley *Richie Valens *JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson! And The Very Young Inexperienced Pilot Mr.Roger Peterson* God Bless There Souls!~We Miss You For Ever!,And For The Happiness They Gave to So Many Tens Of Thousands World Wide!,

Will Continue To Enjoy Looking forward To Listenin' To So Many! Of All The Great Talent Here On Sing Snap* Thank And Enjoy!GodBless* Stephan Patrick Stenzel aka Stephan'chucknors'Stenzel USA*