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songbird1952's real name is Julie Wells. Julie is 68 years old, is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since April 27, 2011. She has a total of 54 public recordings and 26 achievement points.

my daughters have always made me proud but this week they really went overboard!! jacinda (jaci) baynes harper was featured in the biggest cake central issue of the year (online and in the magazine) for her cookie design!! the only cookie in there!! my other daughter Renee McCullough and her entire team were fired from their jobs when a new company took over, she was picked up by the other station in town and doubled their viewership and their ratings..go girls!!

well, i thought i should give you all an update..jordan lived through her surgery and everything, but could still use lots of prayers..i am living in a trailer that my friend andy bought while i'm looking for a know how God said sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to get to know Me better?? i think that is the truth..i definitely hit rock bottom...lived in my car for 2 months..old ladies can do anything!! lol..loved and missed you all my ss family..
my grand daughter is very ill and in ccu...whe is in an induced coma and on life support...all prayers help...thank you God, for being in charge!!
i have had to leave my home of 26 years and am couch surfing for awhile (wacht out!!! LOL) thank you all for being you!
andy, who i had lived with for 7 years had an affair with my step-daughter..41 (in my house) i kicked him out..thought we were working things out when he had an anurysm (SP) and during surgery suffered 3 strokes...for the 5 weeks he was in the hospital i was there (seattle..hour drive & parking!!) every day..he was in a coma and they thought he was going to die..God and i talked him out of there and into a nursing home, where i had to teach him to eat, walk, etc...8 hours a day at least..(i found out 3 days after he was in the hospital that he had still been seeing the could have given up right then..i think he would have died..anyway i brought him home and took care of him for another year, then his temper was so bad (mine would have been too) that i made him move to his mom's, which was a good choice, she has a riding lawnmower etc. so he got to learn a lot of new wise he has never been better, speech is his biggest problem..he was a 1% miracle..don't know why i'm telling you all of this..poor guy

now i have to leave my home of 26 years..lots of packing..and no where to go right now...thankfully i do know that God is in charge of me and will take care of my needs.. added info; i am going to add this now, even though it's a year later, i just love so many of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart...i work on and off for my daughter..just got fired again!! lol..little bugger!!!!!!

i believe that i was sent to earth to learn a lot of lessons..really, though, the only thing i can do is put my trust in God...the problem is, i am so tired all the time and i sleep lots....try to read to keep my mind off's been a rough four years...listen to my man in black song, i did it for my nephews...i'm on to the great-nephews now and that is one of them you see...he loves his aunt julie so much that he had a special aunt julie day...this has been really theraputic..i may add it to my profile...
i just love you marg, and feel like i do know you, it's so nice to have you out there listen' to me...hugs and all my prayers sweet girl, julie

dedicated to my nephews: 3 of my nephews, who don't really know each other: one was murdered (leaving behind a shocked and grieving family), one was in a car wreck, where he was a passenger, the driver got 2 young man nephew learned a valuable lesson (the hard way) and then, my other nephew was in a wreck where he was driving, his best friend died and it was the most horrible thing ever, one passenger made it out alive and my nephew was sentenced to 6 years in prison(he has grown and stretched and matured way beyond his time...he is an amazing young man...a couple of years later: jeffrey, my youngest nephew commited suicide last year august 4th...we are all in shock over it seems like it couldn't be, hugs and prayers mdf;'s, julie

Hi, my name is julie and i live in the great, sometimes rainy, northwest.
i have grown children and grandchildren and now one great grand daughter. go julie!!!
i am pretty chatty from what i hear.{ i actually , with God, talked and prayed a man back to life and i have medical records to prove it. he just came out of that coma to shut me up.}
i can't even begin to say how much i am enjoying this singsnap stuff. i think it might be saving what is left of my mind.
i am single and 59 (yes that hurt).
i love to play with my grandkids, dry and arrange flowers, garden, cook, scrapbook, paint (houses), and rearrange whatever i can.
please know how much your comments mean to me. it just makes my whole day.
without God i would be nowhere
God is my hero
this is a video of my grand daughter

since i have been ss i have made so many friends, gotten to listen to some wonderful music and felt better about me than i have for awhile...thanks everyone!!!
they say music and laughter are the two best medicines

..i am a total redneck, hippy, spiritual kinda and garden as much as i health is not the if you flew across from florida to the other side of the u.s. you would be able to find me..i live in washington state,

my thanks yet again, to God, ss and the friends i have made there..and always, family and friends

i have several health issues that keep me house-bound...good thing i like my house.
i also live in dog time...i never remember what day it is..what i just said..etc.
being julie is hard work!! lol
love you all and thank you from my heart...julie