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SJHollar's real name is Steve Hollar. Steve is 70 years old, is located in Ohio / USA and has been a SingSnap member since September 24, 2010. He has a total of 493 public recordings that have been viewed 62,703 times and 240 achievement points.

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To all who may read my profile, I've been away from singing for quite a while now. Been in and out of the hospital with acute kidney failure. Now on dialysis three days a week. I'm slowly regaining my strength and stamina and hope to be back singing soon.

I had been playing around with music recording for a couple of years, mainly with my guitar and me. I used simple equipment and Audacity to edit. When I discovered SingSnap it opened up a whole new world.

I spent the first 62 years of my life in California, but, moved to Ohio in 2012 to be with the most wonderful lady in the world.

Oh, and for those who might think I'm being snobbish or don't care by not doing a whole lot of listening and commenting to other's songs, it's neither. Unfortunately, being in a rural area, the only high speed internet I can get is satellite, via Hughesnet. They only give you 10 megabytes per month between 8am and 3am, and charge a ridiculous fee for it. I have to be real careful with my usage to not run out. I used to have unlimited DSL in California so this is not easy to deal with. Sorry I can't be more accommodating, but, it's out of necessity.