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SivleSelta is located in United Kingdom and has been a SingSnap member since June 6, 2020. She has a total of 285 public recordings that have been viewed 3,651 times and 497 achievement points.

I love to sing.
To solve any confusion on my Profile pic - I am a female. Real name Maria, but prefer to use my Screen name.
I’m a big fan of Elvis Presley. But I have many faves from all genres and eras.
I'm quite new to this online stuff, usually sing Karaoke at home for fun. But since discovering this site, I am HOME!

Super Grand Winner 8th August 2020

Gold Cup Winners 8th September 2020

1st Place 7th September 2020

2nd Place 2nd September 2020

2nd Place 29th August 2020

2nd Place 28th August 2020

1st Place 25th August 2020

1st Place 23rd August 2020

Participation Award 17th August 2020

3rd Place 15th August 2020

All winners 14th August 2020

2nd Place 14th August 2020

Participation Award 11th August 2020

Grand Winner 9th August 2020

Gold Star Award 8th August 2020

Participation 8th August 2020

Bonus Song Award 8th August 2020

Cover Award 8th August 2020

Background Award 8th August 2020

Video Award 8th August 2020

Listeners Award 8th August 2020

Grand Winner 3rd August 2020

2nd Place 31st July 2020

Loyal Listener / 2nd Place 29th July 2020

2nd Place 28th July 2020

1st Place / Host Choice Award 27th July 2020

2nd Place 26th July 2020

1st Place 26th July 2020

Loyal Listener / 1st Place 25th July 2020

Participation 24th July 2020

Round 2 Participation 22nd July 2020

2nd Place 19th July 2020

Participation 18th July 2020

SingSnap Challenges

18th September 2020

11th September 2020

4th September 2020

28th August 2020

14th August 2020

7th August 2020

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