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SingingInLasVegas' real name is Lynn Newcomb. Lynn is 64 years old, is located in Nevada / USA and has been a SingSnap member since December 20, 2012. She has a total of 12 public recordings that have been viewed 519 times and 143 achievement points.

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I have always been a singer. My experience of life was like a stage production with my own personal soundtrack! I always knew I was a singer, even when I was still using a hairbrush as my microphone. I've always enjoyed all types of music and whenever I sing karaoke I like to try new songs that push me beyond my comfort zone.
I've written and recorded four of my original songs. I'm very proud of the responses I get when I sing my own songs. Each song is completely different in style and category.
I began my singing career with a Road Show created and produced by Harold Minsky called "Minsky's Burlesque". I was the singer in the show and except for the act with the stripper, Saki Tumi I sang in every number of the show. It was an amazing learning experience!
When I returned from that tour I auditioned for "Hallelujah Hollywood", the very huge production show at the MGM Hotel created by Don Arden. I was one of "HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD's" featured singers for five years.
Aside from production shows I've also performed across the country opening for the best known motivational speakers and authors including my good friend Dr. Wayne Deyer who is known around the world and on PBS for helping people change their lives and live their dreams. And my close friend who many have referred to as "The Million Dollar Motivator". Mark Victor Hanson, along with Jack Canfield co-authored the Best Selling Series "Chicken Soup For The Soul". Mark has written many dynamic books and his words have transformed my life more than once. My life has been very blessed but working with these two men and so many other amazingly gifted people was certainly a highlight in my life. I was surrounded and saturated with spiritual guidance and I was enlightened.
My singing allows me to express my love of life and touch the hearts of people. Music is one of my ways to connect with everyone on a deeper level. It's leads to the place where we can meet each other heart to heart and thats when healings can take place.
Everything in life is a vibration and when our vibrations resonate with each other we create harmony. When we harmonize with each other we are singing the song of life and creating MUSIC. Music is the only language we all understand and can respond to without needing to know how. There is a song in each of our hearts. Sing your song!