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Shahean is located in Pennsylvania / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 10, 2009. He has a total of 488 public recordings that have been viewed 31,473 times and 246 achievement points.

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I am having the greatest time doing what I have loved doing my entire life, singing. Singing in the proverbial shower, my car (alone). Now behave!!! In the shower alone too !!!! lol Around the house and yes, even on stage!! It is my passion and SS gives me a venue I never dreamed would exist a few years ago. I also get such a joy listening to and associating with so many of you out there who share that passion with me. I get so much joy listening and/or seeing fellow enthusiasts like me singing their heart out and living the dream!!! Just go for it!!!!!!
Please be patient with me getting back to you. I do return your listens eventually. I have so many favorite Sing Snappers that I can never get to you in one or even two days or more. When I listen I truly listen from beginning to end and I do not copy and paste my responses or comments. I do not make judgements on others but rather enjoy sharing the experience together. It is just the way I choose to operate.
My Mom taught me a long time ago that if you do not have nice things to say, then say nothing at all. SING ON!!!!!