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Sgtdew is located in Texas / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 12, 2014. He has a total of 40 public recordings that have been viewed 1,226 times and 273 achievement points.

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At the early age of about 5, I used to sit at the eight track player and listen to and sing all of mom and dad's old favorites. I remember Jim Reeve, Carol King, Floyd Cramer, The Carpenters, Johnny Cash and others. Music was a part of my whole life. At about 7 years old, I sat down with my dad's guitar and taught myself to play. I have played the guitar all my life. We had a piano also, and I would plink at it sometimes. Never really did much with it, but can play a little.
Now my son has taken to my interest in music and has really blown me away. He can sing, play guitar, and pick up any percussion or string instrument and play it. He has graduated High school and is currently in College. You can check him out on Singsnap; His name is Daniel and his user name is Dani3lD3w.
My wife is an occasional singer on Singsnap, under the name sunflowerz. She does more listening than singing, but is a major supporter, along with my mom, for our recordings. You just really need these people in your life to back you. They are the best and I love them both!

What a blessing to have music in our lives, to release life's stress or to entertain others with. I thank my mom and dad for bringing music into my life, so I could pass this down to my son.
My mom sings on Singsnap as TheTexasTulip. We all enjoy singing.

This is the good stuff in life. Pass this on to your families, you never know where it will go. Keep singing and making others happy!

I like the old Pop songs, Gospel, Rock and Country. I have been known to do a little Comedy, Bluegrass or just a song I heard one of you sing that I liked.

If you want to sing a duet with one of my songs, I welcome you to join me, then please send me a link so I can enjoy it with you too!

Thanks for your views and comments.
I hope to get to know you all as we enjoy this site.

My name is Scott but a lot of my friends call me Sarge, as I am a former US Marine Veteran. Either one works for me.
Happy Singing and thanks for stopping by!