SexypurpleLEVEL 25


Sexypurple is located in Philippines and has been a SingSnap member since November 2, 2008. She has a total of 418 public recordings that have been viewed 309,553 times and 129 achievement points.

Hello my friends and to ALL Singsnappers out there who are music lovers like me! My name is Rose and it feels great to have found a karaoke online where you feel like having your second family around! I am not a pro but it so happen that one of my passions is singing... and i believe i cannot live without MUSIC! ^_^
I may not be around most of the time and I guess I am a sole SS user who records a song using a headset which i could not hear my voice while so bear with whatever result you get to hear *blushing*
Furthermore, I would just ask your understanding if I could not visit everyone's recordings but I will pay visit once i am free... Love y'all! hugss