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SeaShell's real name is Shelley Theriault. Shelley is 46 years old, is located in Canada and has been a SingSnap member since June 12, 2007. She has a total of 80 public recordings that have been viewed 3,831 times and 64 achievement points.

<3*~~~~Dedicated to You on Mothers Day~~~~*
xo~May Gods Love be with You! Love<3peace,Hugs&GodBless ~xo~
Your in my thoughts&prayers;}~*~ GodBless;}~2007 */2010... 2013*& .... ~manymore yrs here yet to be at singsnap!! Thankyou to alll who kind to comment ~ vice versa Been almost a Decade now!! 7 yrs as a Singsnapper now 2013 ... & Yesssss I Will be Sing'n Eventuallybe make'n more of muh rounds to hear ya'sing!!! IEnjoy listenin more than singin most time Listenin to whole song balance time much as I sing...Have Fun it is Kare~e~o~kee! MUSIC Speaks Volumes :))) ..favs ...when these fav songs came out ... Loveeeeeeeeee this song !!!!! Brad Paisley :This is Country music :))) & Sing aloooOOOOoongggggg!!!! :)) enjoy hearin you ssnappers sing !! This is Country Music & We Do;}~*!!:) ... singggggg !!! gbya'll:)) Dedicated to you :)) http://embed/n_KxM4rU38Q PLZ Enjoy & Thankyou to my Friends&Fans
;}~*~Alan Jackson ~*~comes to my home town again! Fav of mine when i was lil munchkin 3decades of dedicatd Fan of Alan Jackson King of Summer Country ~ next to GoergeStrait S KING OF COUNTRY music ...AUG:6&7TH2010 2013 :):):~<3;} /~*COUNTRYROCKFEST!;LOVE A.J. been to concert with FaithHill too ... &HAVE ALL HIS MUSIC;}~*NEW2010-C.D OUT NOW!OMG;} Have alllll my fav artists CDs Loveeeee n~passion~ music

~*~ ~mention a few of my most favorite atists;}~** ~ Gene Watson;Conway;R.Milsap,MerleH;Hank L. CharlieR CharlieD/Ricky Skaggs;Earl T.C.,T.G.Sheppard;Vern Goslin;JohnnyLee;RickyV.S,MartyR.Englebert.H, Don Williams. Kenny Rogers,.WaylonJ;David.A.C;EdB;Eddie Rabbit;Love a Rainy night;&YOU&I Drive;n my life away Sing;n !!!! ;G.Strait;VinceG;Brooks&Dunn-DuetBands
2Name a few;}LOL...yes I' love my Classic CountryMusic &Gospeltoo;}~* Right uP to todays Country Music!!HAVE MANY CATAGORY SONGS FROM TEARDOPPERS-TO ROMANTIC*-BOOT SCOOT&BOOGIE,&FUN *DOWN HOME COUNTRY MUSIC!!! So many New Artist Flourished; list is Over50New Artists&To many too list !Plz Enjoy video* I'll make rounds to visit ya;ll again soon;time goes by so fast with age once past Late 30's its true Don;t Blink!! I.M.H.O. OMG!!! I Listen to R&B Dance occasionally mix! Rock sing all types of music n Awesome to be a singsnapper scence 2007 Thankyou staff & ssdfs &Fans ~ visits kind comments Thankyou!!! Make muh rounds to Enjoy Listen'n to alllllllll yous !!! ....
I'm on Muisc Advisary panel with Country101.9fm;... 1yr ... & member with FSNA Federal Association of Retiree:s Soon be 37 &still Love'n Music& LOVEmy Friends HERE SING'N:))....crazy dreams :);}~* I'D LIKE TO PASS IT ON TO YOU..I BELIEVE IS TRUE...past fav. of mine !!PLEASE ENJOY VIDEO;}~*<3:)Have fun sing;n~~~~~~~music speaks in volumes too me&each song Represents time in my life as they play on radio;time&place reflections makes me whom I am today!! Music passion reallll Goooood Thang!!! !!!!!
*SCROLL DOWN PROFILE FAST* Please sign Guestbook Bottom of page Thankyou!! View 1st Few of my VIDEO FAV'*s...LIFE IS A HIWAY...MORE LIKE A DRIVE THROUGH,TIME GOES BY SO FAST ...I'M TRUSTIN; GOD TO KEEP ME CONNECTED WITH YOU ;THE FANS&MY ...*DEAREST FRIENDS,YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE&HAVE BEEN:)*THANKYOU<3Ya'll:);) ;}~* *LOVE*> when someone can sing from heart;}every artist .. I can listen everyday to you
instead of radio!! ***********smi)e*s;}~* ...

**HAPPY PEOPLE KEEP THE WORLD SINGIN;)~**~SeaShell~ -SMILE*S~Music&Singin' is My Passion!!Singsnap is My Happy Place!! ;everywhere I go;music is in my veins;especially Country Music!!! Love Singin I'm Not Perfect,but Humble:)2007-2010! SONG FOR MYFriends&Fan*s!!!.Love the Fun lyricks in..Carrie Underwood;;crazydreams;)* ya'll:)))"WALK ON THE ROCKS,THAT I STUMBLE ON... Sing duets fill in lyricks Carrie song;<<<.~~~'.keep Singin' ya'll;myself may have key singin', but its kare~e~o~kee~~~More Than a Feelin' to be here!!Addicted to SingSnap:)!! >>>>
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Enjoy Singing & Others Sing & Fill Up On Jesus!!! Jesus did not die to have a Religion,he died so you can have a deep,onfire,exiting Living Relationship with the King Of Kings!! :D))Blessing\'s~ SeaShell~

>>.~~~~~~> Makeveli~Keep u'r head up!! 2012/2014/ comes back When all u people see him smile,don;t u too wanna smile!!! Hugggs&Happy TrailsFriends!!! 2pac ? music n my ssnappers ~~~~Happy Camper's Coffee...~~~~SING!!!!.....Happy People Keep The World SINGING!!!!~~~~GodBless~MUSIC!!!~~~


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