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scottisme is located in USA and has been a SingSnap member since July 21, 2009. He has a total of 742 public recordings that have been viewed 55,385 times and 177 achievement points.

I'm just your average dude that loves to sing. Very thankful for outlets like this. Just loving my family, my bride of 27yrs, and my daughter and son 27/22, and taking care of business. I have always loved to sing. My mom tells me I was singing in my high chair before I could talk . I sang in choirs throughout school years and in a select swing choir in high school. From there onto a couple of rock bands with varying degrees of success. My family has always come first and so that's pretty much where I left off any serious pursuits. I still sang as much as possible in church worship teams and also some communtiy theater, which was a blast! Now the kids are all grown up and I look forward to maybe doing some more theater and there's this site, and I have to say I'm loving every minute of it! My thanks to wife who puts up with me running around the house singing all day... and also to all of you who stop by to listen!
I'm in a band with my son and some friends. We've just finished learning a full 3 sets of covers, and starting the struggle to get some recognition in the local scene. We're also in the process of creating some original music that I hope to share with you all soon!
Grand daughter #1 just turned 1 in April. You can see her and I in my profile pic . She's just perfect! Grand daughter #2 arrived this morning 9/29/14!! Momma and baby are both fine
I love it when people finish my open duets, and always come to listen. Please come join me

Until then, may God bless, and take care,

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