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scarlettohall's real name is Joanne Hall. Joanne is 57 years old, is located in Missouri / USA and has been a SingSnap member since October 19, 2006. She has a total of 103 public recordings that have been viewed 19,010 times and 369 achievement points.

Hey There!
So, somebody told me I needed to update my profile so here I am.
As you can see, my name is Joanne. Although, to my friends and family I'm better known as Jo or JoJo. I started here on singsnap back when it was still in beta mode. I've been gone for a few years due to some personal stuff but, now I'm back. I used to have lots and lots of recordings but, I deleted most of them due to going blue for a while and I didn't want to lose the video's I had of my kids.
More about me...I'm just an average woman who likes to sing; good or bad. If you like beautiful angelic voices don't listen to any of my songs; I don't have that kind of voice. I LOVE duets. I like to make people laugh; I can be quite goofy at times. I love meeting new people; I've made quite a few friends over the years even though we've never met in person I still consider them friends . I have six kids, the youngest being 14, they all sing as well. Every now and then a few of them will sing on my account. They now have their own account@Hallkids6.
I was born in South Louisiana, but I've made my home Missouri.
FYI..if I listen to your songs often it's because I like your voice...that's all.
Enough about me..if there's anything else you want to know just shoot me a text and ask. See ya on the flip side!