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My profile /A short story of Aliens and humans the movie should be a blockbuster lol part 2 later.

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.. My story : I flew down to this planet a year ago I am from Blinko. My saucer as u humans call can excels 1000.99 miles an hour on my daily travels I stopped one day, and yes as u humans already no those countless stories of green men picking up earthlings and testing and probing" Well " is true yes it is I am not a green male though and we no longer tan so the green is temporarily . Well anyway I flew down and met this human male he seem ok for a human but started telling me on our walk that he had been reincarnated running from the pellets spray of bullets flinging dirt in his face as he fell and crawl away through the swamping waters of the Savannah in the 1700's . and then precede to show me a marker with the history of the battle on the Savannah River And showed me an object on the top of the marker .Yes it was a saucer or Tita as we call it. He said he had been picked up by the ship and the probing and experiment's they did on him. He seem overly joy that he could tell his story to a listener. Well for a human I thought this male was kind of interesting. soooo yes I did I took him for a ride on my saucer and then as my Galactic duty to my people I probe him, examined him .form a variety of test .Feesa as we call it. of coarse we usually make them forget .In my test I found a chip inserted a hair like fiber. Under the scan it prove what he had said all along he had been there the chip show the time but how did he have this chip when he was born I thought and how did he remember .but under more testing I found my people did not use methods to make humans forget after all nothing flew back then in human time so no one would believed him anyway. Well this to me is still a mystery how he still has the chip so I will be paying another visit to your planet.... ..It has obsess me .I am ready to probe and test this human again I must fine the answer, I have a new instrument. As a Chickawo scientist in your language it can be fascinating. ..So soon I will be back and you never no who I will stopping and probing and testing on. Like your Dr Frankenstein said" hes alive.aliveeeee!!!! that is how us Chickawo act on an experiment .Oh and by the way. There really was a Frankenstein who do you think made him, yes my people. ........I hope you like my crazy story I tend to have an active imagination lol.........