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SamBammm's real name is Samantha ~*~. Samantha is located in Arizona / USA and has been a SingSnap member since February 17, 2011. She has a total of 7 public recordings that have been viewed 973 times and 280 achievement points.

I can't sing really, but once in awhile you have to do something scary and a little dangerous because it's exciting, right? Besides, doing something you aren't good at develops good character humility lol So now it's your turn to do something risky, like listening to my off-key singing Let's have an adventure!



Now I don't want you to think I am completely devoid of's just not singing.
However, I am a word ninja!
It's why I love the lyrics of songs so much and can tell you the lyrics,
when I can't even find the tune.
Here, I will show you!
You need some reading material to put you to sleep anyway,
so get comfy and I will put you to sleep with one of my blogs.


I have a love affair with words.

Some people collect coins or baseball cards; I collect words. I find new words, or new uses of old words.....everywhere. And unfortunately for my friends, I constantly show off my collection. They always know when I have found a new one because they will hear me use it repeatedly.....until mercifully, I find a new one. I pour through my collection to find just the right word to convey my thoughts. I love all the shadings and nuances, the connotations. "Beautiful" is not exactly "pretty" after all, and neither is it "cute" or "gorgeous". See, the right word does make a shades of grey (apparently there are about different!) So download your dictionary app to your cell phone if you want to hang with me. Seriously, it's no strange coincidence that all my poor beleaguered friends have a dictionary app on their phones. Only they refer to it as a Sammi-onary. Yeah, they give me a lot of grief about it, but can you blame them? I told them they should thank me for making them all so erudite. They reached for their cell phones.

Some people think that word nerds are not sexy. Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell for one. It was the season that David Cook was on AI and they had just shown the "Something you don't know about me" video clips of the remaining contestants. In David's clip, his "something" was his love of crossword puzzles and he was shown working on one. "You didn't do yourself any favors with that," Cowell remarked afterwards. "I mean it is just not sexy, like car racing," he said, referring to another contestant's clip that showed him in a race car zooming around a track. Au contraire, Mr. Cowell, that little clip of David working crossword puzzles did it for me! I already liked his singing and let's admit, he was easy on the eyes, but that crossword puzzle thing just put this logophile (put down the cell phone; it's a lover of words, lol) over the edge. That was smokin' HOT!!! Apparently I'm not the only one who thought so, Mr. Race Car didn't even make top 4, while David Cook went on to win. In your face Simon, words ARE sexy....and I know it! Simon apparently didn't know one important thing about women. Read my lips, Simon....women are aural! (That is not to be confused with "oral" which has an entirely different meaning, you dirty boys!) Isabel Allende said it best "For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time."

So sing it for me, and I love to listen to you all on here. But what is really getting to me are the words. It's just that much more awesome that they happen to be set to music!