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Salali's real name is PATRICIA SNOW. PATRICIA is located in Virginia / USA and has been a SingSnap member since March 11, 2008. She has a total of 85 public recordings that have been viewed 2,645 times and 398 achievement points.

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I am a Mother of three and a Grandmother of five and a Great Grandmother of one...
I am on early retirement because of my back surgery which wasn't a quick fix but I manage to keep my head up and do uplifting things like singing on SS. I am also a Lyme survivor nasty thing to deal with...

ME AT SWEET 16 My first date and prom

I am also a artist I paint most anything on wood made into pallets , I have posting some of my works down below....


MY Art work

I have very much enjoyed being on SS all these years. I look forward to all the contests and learning new songs and making new friends from all over the world...It is comforting that there is always someone on SS any hour of the day or night singing...

I love the Oldies and R&N and Rock and Roll and Country, but you can throw any tune at me and if I don't know it I will learn it I like a challenge ..I do not have that polished singing voice just a unique voice That I like to be creative with lol...I relate to Janis Joplin she had her own style and that's me my own style my own way...

Life is so good singing on SingSnap...[/IMG

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25. Salali
Patricia, Sweet sweet girl, how I adore you, I love your excitement, your kindness, your energy, your heart. You are always up for anything and you have so much fun doing it. I admire that the most about you, as you show me how to let loose as well and just enjoy each day. You are an Angel